Saturday, February 23, 2013

Entry level Y-DNA discount

Family Tree DNA have announced a heavy promotional discount for their Y-DNA12 test.

This is an excellent price for this entry level test to begin exploring your connections to other FAIRBAIRNs.

Be in and begin an exciting journey.

The link is only relevant for direct male line FAIRBAIRNs as it joins the kit to the FAIRBAIRN project, others reading this who aren't FAIRBAIRNs, are recommended to navigate back to the front page and follow the links to the promo.

This appears to be extended to the 7th March - still time.

Less deep ancestry?

Further to the posts on Deeper Ancestry below, a candidate has been "volunteered" as our guinea pig to represent the FAIRBAIRNs in Haplogroup I1 and test his way down the I1 tree towards present day.
We began with the recommended Z59 SNP and now await the results.
Unfortunately the I1 haplogroup is less well served than some others by this sort of testing.
Most of the more recent discoveries of tree branches seem to be in other haplogroups, some groupings of which nearly make it down into genealogical timeframes.
Let's see how far we can get towards present day.

You may be interested in this post on why SNP testing is increasingly of interest to genetic genealogists.

Lineage renumbering - plus

As mentioned on Spot on the Modal, the lineages are undergoing a renumbering.

The reload of the One Name Study Lineages section today includes several of these but is probably incomplete, and highly likely to be still inconsistent with the Patriarchs page and the DNA Surnames  supplementary pages which both still need to catch up, particularly the DNA Signature charts.
Despite this reshuffle, several missing links have been corrected.

Included in the update mentioned above:
  • the tree of Thomas and Ann (LAWSON) FAIRBAIRN of Fife had at least one new twig on one of the lines in New Zealand
  • Alexander, the forefather of a line of FAIRBAIRNs in South Carolina since a least 1748, has been included, no descendant chart as yet
  • see recent changes index for other changes, although some are there purely for background data changes, not published here.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Deeper Ancestry ctd

Further to the earlier Deeper Ancestry post I have been advised that given the characteristics of our STR results that the best SNP test to begin exploring our I1 tree branches would be Z59.

The best way to proceed seems therefore for a representative kit to be chosen to be our guinea pig for exploring the FAIRBAIRN deeper ancestry, which I as admin will do, and will discuss with the participant concerned how we go about this.

The price for individual SNP testing went up within hours of the earlier post and is now $39 per test.

There is no real point in more than one kit upgrading for this, so if at all interested, please donate to the general fund instead as that will allow us to progress down the I1 haplogroup tree systematically and cost effectively with all members benefiting from the findings.

To finance these explorations, donations may be made to our general fund, and would be appreciated.
Follow this general fund donation link, select F from the first box, then FAIRBAIRN from the second.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Canadian twigs

The trees of
have both had a few Canadian twigs added to their lineage charts, primarily as the twigs concerned emigrated to Quebec on the same ship (Scotian) in 1911 and curiousity meant any connection was investigated (none spotted as yet).

Mary and her family (Mary, John Richardson, Hilda Lauriss) were heading for Edmonton, Alberta
Adam & Catherine (WILKINSON) FAIRBAIRN were heading for Toronto.

There was also a 22 yr old joiner Robert on board, of an age to be Adam's brother, but going to Edmonton, which Robert in that family is slightly older.

Neither tree has any representatives in the FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA project, so any direct male line FAIRBAIRN from either, or any other unrepresented line for that matter, would be most welcome to help tease out who relates to whom.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spot on the modal

The final results are in for Bill (F-53) our representative for the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRNs, which lineage is now awarded the prize for being closest to the modal over all of our Haplogroup I1  FAIRBAIRNs (who all match to some extent) - you can't get closer than spot on!
Up to know everyone had at least one marker different, several only on faster mutating markers.

This has prompted a review, and therefore a renumbering, of the I1 haplogroup lineages, which renumbering is incomplete insofar as the One Name Study pages haven't yet been updated to reflect this.

DNA Surnames  has been reloaded with the above update, but does not as yet include a review of the signature charts, and does include a re-ordering of the overall marker grid to reflect the groupings based on slower mutating markers.

This update includes a few more of the older results being reviewed against their current genetic distance results, given that Family Tree DNA revised their matching methods, and the opportunity has been taken to trim the genetic distance matches back to just the more relevant/closer ones.

A few more broken links have been repaired - not doubt more to come.