Friday, February 22, 2013

Deeper Ancestry ctd

Further to the earlier Deeper Ancestry post I have been advised that given the characteristics of our STR results that the best SNP test to begin exploring our I1 tree branches would be Z59.

The best way to proceed seems therefore for a representative kit to be chosen to be our guinea pig for exploring the FAIRBAIRN deeper ancestry, which I as admin will do, and will discuss with the participant concerned how we go about this.

The price for individual SNP testing went up within hours of the earlier post and is now $39 per test.

There is no real point in more than one kit upgrading for this, so if at all interested, please donate to the general fund instead as that will allow us to progress down the I1 haplogroup tree systematically and cost effectively with all members benefiting from the findings.

To finance these explorations, donations may be made to our general fund, and would be appreciated.
Follow this general fund donation link, select F from the first box, then FAIRBAIRN from the second.

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