Friday, January 30, 2009

Further results in for one of the "cousins"

Further results are now in for Joe (F-10), one of the sides of the triangle of Hoquiam connected cousins.

What is most interesting is that F-10, is showing marker 391 as "10", rather than the "9" of the group he is supposedly a cousin of (F-3).
Likewise F-1, part of the 391 = "9" cluster, matches the rest of the 391 = "10" group on marker 534, neither of these being faster mutating markers.
This does lead me to believe, rightly or wrongly, that any branching may well still be more recent than John and Bessie (Flint) FAIRBAIRN.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

There is still one more section of his results to come, so watch this space.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New results - and yes, another match

The Scottish Borders have moved south as well as across the pond.
To date the matching dna signatures have been from participants able to trace their lineage back to the Scottish side of the Borders, most of whom had family who emigrated to Canada and the States.

The latest set of results, also from a descendant in the States, is from a family whose paper trail ends in Sunderland, Durham.
This is one side of the reported "cousins" triangle. Only 12 markers in so far (Joe, F-10)

Results chart updated.

Also check out the Discussion pages as they now have some tables for Lineage 1 Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA), and Genetic Distance (GD).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alternate John F/Helen Anderson pedigree

Included an alternate view of the John Fairbairn/Helen Anderson pedigree on the Patriarchs page.
Author and date of this version is unknown. (I have only ever received a copy of the first two pages).
A scan of the title page of this version is included on the DNA Projects Portal page for John Fairbairn in case someone can come up with the answer to who produced it and when.
Perhaps we should run a competition as to how many people have a copy and the furthest back they can date its appearance in their family?

Would also still love to hear from anyone with a copy of the earlier transcriptions of the Ednam stones which must have existed at some stage. Thought the Hawick Archaelogical Society Transactions might be a starter, but Ednam doesn't appear in their online index.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

John FAIRBAIRN 1563, & the blacksmiths

A Fairbairn researcher (thank you John) has kindly looked up the file indexed in the Scottish Genealogy Society Family Tree Index.
It looked like it just might be the oft quoted, but also somewhat incorrect, FAIRBAIRN pedigree quoting stones in Ednam etc.
And so it turned out.
The tree was deposited in 1976 by Ethel Fairbairn, a descendant of John Fairbairn and Elizabeth Yule.
DNA Surnames page for the 1563 John has been updated, as has his associated descendant chart. This latter shows the FAIRBAIRN tree as documented on the first page of this pedigree, the former contains links to information that corrects some of the linkages shown.

As part of the clarification of the trees shown, DNA Surnamces now also includes a page for the earliest of the Ednam Blacksmiths, Edward FAIRBAIRN, and his descendant chart, which includes the family of Dr John FAIRBAIRN, of Mayo Clinic fame.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thomas & Eppy (WOOD); Clan FAIRBAIRN or ARMSTRONG?

Thomas FAIRBAIRN marr. Elspeth (Eppy) WOOD stub added to show researcher information, and highlight that a recruit is needed for this line (or two).
A link to their dna oriented descendants chart (yet to be provided) is also now included on the Wanted! page.

Should anyone wish to see if there is any substance to the legend on how the Clan ARMSTRONG got it's name (from a FAIRBAIRN helping a king), check out the ARMSTRONG project.
No need for you all to rush and join as a member of our Lineage 1 has joined, and as most of the rest of the participants in our FAIRBAIRN project belong to Lineage 1, we are represented there.
Any connection looks rather remote.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Web links added

Added a couple more web links to the Portal FAIRBAIRN Web pages, namely to WorldConnect trees for the Fife family of John FAIRBAIRN and Helen GRIEVE, and another with Eckford and Ontario connections, that of John FAIRBAIRN and Margaret DEANS.
Also changed the link formatting slightly so that the places were presented first.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yet another Lineage 1 member

Results in for David (F-9) - and we shouldn't be that surprised, but yet another match for Lineage 1, and no idea how to connect them up.

WFN Results table has been updated.

If anyone has any early Eccles families that may connect up to David's John and Helen (CAMPBELL) FAIRBAIRN, that might get them back a generation or two, we'd love to hear from you.

More participants definitely needed to confirm dna signatures and aid the analysis!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New recruit ; Wanted! page updated ++

Pity it was after the discount period ended, but never mind, the project now has a representative for the family of John A FAIRBAIRN Snr of Stillwater, the lynch pin family for the 3 cousinships claimed: to Angus, a descendant of David & Jane (WILLIAMSON) FAIRBAIRN, and to Albert, the Sunderland emigrant to Hoquiam, a descendant of Robert and Elizabeth (TAYLOR) FAIRBAIRN, represented in the project by Joe (F-10).

Thank you William (F-12), look forward to seeing how this match pans out, as you should be a match to Roy (F-3) if all our detective work is accurate.
It would still be great to have a proven descendant from David and Jane (WILLIAMSON) FAIRBAIRN to represent their lineage though as the identification of John A as David and Jane's son does rather go against two of his official certificates.

Check out the updated pages linked above for more information on some of the assumptions involved in the identifications.

Finished working on a version of the Patriarchs report for John and Helen (ANDERSON) FAIRBAIRN.
Also included this as a descendancy chart on the supplementary site where some additional notes may be found.
A link to this is now included on the FAIRBAIRN Wanted! page.
The chart is NOT a full descendancy report for John and Helen as it is only trying to identify those lines where the project may find a representative for the line.
So many FAIRBAIRN families claim "oh we're related to Sir William", without verifying this claim that it would be wonderful to have a proven dna signature for the John and Helen lineage, ie at least two distant cousins from the line.
Any takers? Anyone in touch with any of the family?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

8th: SNP results in for 2 more kits

SNP results have been received for two more kits, so the Results page has been updated to show their tested haplotypes (both I1, unsurprisingly given the dna match with others in Lineage 1).

Also updated the Patriarchs page to correct a missing indent on the pedigree of John FAIRBAIRN and Helen ANDERSON that mistakenly showed the 2nd Baronet as Sir William's brother instead of his son.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More links, and comments, added

Over the last week or so I've seen at least three different versions of a Fairbairn tree as it relates to George Fairbairn and Janet Murray.
I have therefore added some comments to George's page in the Lineages section.
Comments welcome, particularly from anyone who can quote sources and shed light on George's ancestry!

Trotter Fairbairn has also had an alternate set of grandparents offered up as a suggestion, John Fairbairn and Jean Trotter, who seemed to cover most geographical bases in the area. Who says our ancestors never moved around much?

Patriarchs page tidied up to reflect lineages for current tests in progress, and to add a few more links for people with comments in the lineages section of DNA Surnames, and for researchers also listed on those pages.