Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st: Forgot to mention...

Forgot to mention that another Eckford family (Robert and Elizabeth (Young) FAIRBAIRN) has been added to the Wanted! list.

In addition, the pedigree for Robert Brinckerhoff FAIRBAIRN that was already on the WFN Patriarch's page has been included in the DNA Projects Portal site (where it can be more readily updated) as new information has come to hand (from the Brigham Young University digital archives, thanks to Sanna). There are a few problems with the dates in the lineage given, but probably some basis in truth.

11th kit, and assorted pedigree updates

Welcome to James, our 11th participant.
I've been fossicking around trying to see if I might manage to link up the 1a, 1b, 1c lineages.
Jury still out on that, but as a result I have included more information on likely progenitors for a couple of these lineages, and added comments about same to the relevant pages, in particular:
George and Janet (Murray) Fairbairn
James and Elspeth (Trotter) Fairbairn and possible son
Thomas (possibly marr. Isobel Smith)
(and as a result, my knowledge of some of the earlier Fairbairn families has grown considerably).

Also, as per my personal web pages, John A (marr. Sarah Daughterty and Charity Smithson) Fairbairn has now been officially placed as son of David & Jane (WILLIAMSON) - but the plea for representative of this line to join the dna project still stands as my identification goes against two of his official certificates, (marriage and death).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

67 marker results in for Goodfellow line

Results table has been updated to show the latest set of markers in - for Doug (F-6) of the line of James FAIRBAIRN and Helen GOODFELLOW.
Closest match is now with F-8 the descendant of the Rideau Canal Thomas (marr. Elspeth REDPATH), at a Genetic Distance (GD) 7 by the official FT dna reports, although bear in mind their response to my puzzlement over this, which said take some off that for those markers in the faster mutating range.

As to how close their Most Recent Common Ancestor is? This TMRCA web site may help explain (although it only goes up to 37 markers).
By reading this I finally realised that it isn't just the fact that marker x differs, but by how many steps on that marker, the values differ.

Remember however that mutations can creep in at ANY generation. I have 2nd cousins who show up at GD 1, and they share a great grandfather.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Potential lineage for Trotter

Trotter FAIRBAIRN's page has been updated to reflect David's and my independent research into a possible lineage for Trotter.

Does anyone have any information on the families of:
  • James FAIRBAIRN and Elspeth TROTTER - married Eccles 1732
  • Thomas FAIRBAIRN and Isobel SMITH - married Stitchel 1771
  • and of course Trotter himself
that helps confirm or deny these educated guesses?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to our 10th participant

Joe (F-10) has joined the project. He is a descendant of the Albert of Liverpool who emigrated to Hoquiam, Washington State, whose obituary stated that John A FAIRBAIRN Jr of Hoquiam was a "cousin", although it is very unclear from paper trails how this might be.

Any male FAIRBAIRN descendant of John's would also be most welcome to join to "test" this stated relationship, especially as John's family also claim cousinship with descendants of David and Jane (WILLIAMSON) FAIRBAIRN, David being a brother to William of Wakefield Quebec, ancestor of Roy (F-3)

The DNA Surnames pages have been updated to include Joe and his lineage, and the FAIRBAIRN Wanted! pages likewise.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The Wanted! Fairbairn page has had a more few charts added for the Wanted! lines.

More to come.

Love to hear from anyone wanting to join the project.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Full 67 markers in for F-8, Lineage 1

F-8's full 67 marker results are now in, and I've shuffled the result table a tad to align him better with his closer matches.
I'm still calling this a sub branch of Lineage 1, but would welcome anyone to interpret how close, or otherwise they all look now (bearing in mind the explanations on the Genetic Distance numbers from FT DNA in an earlier post)!

Have hopes of a candidate from the line of Archibald and Jane (BLAKEY) FAIRBAIRN, all going well (yet to be added to the Wanted! page)