Sunday, February 14, 2010

14th: Still an excellent match

Eckford:F-27's full 67 marker results are now in, with no need to change my posting for the 10th.
The Supplementary pages have been updated to include the full results, other updates to follow, including the Lineage 1 "clump 2" DNA signature chart.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

One more at the lab

Another piece of the jigsaw will be available to us in a few weeks, kit F-31 has just been received at the lab.
This is believed to be the line of a John and Christian(WOOD) FAIRBAIRN who married at Nenthorn in 1787, with an eldest son Robert born Kelso in 1788.
A second representative for this line would be good to help confirm whatever puzzles will no doubt ensue once the results are in.
Any descendants out there from Robert's line? He married a Helen RUTHERFORD and descendants were known to be around Duddingston at one stage.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Addenda - even more results in.

So much for that theory (see jumping to conclusions posted earlier today).
No sooner were all the results to hand thought about, and conclusions updated, than the most interesting panel of the remaining markers was also available.
Of those in the small subsection of clump 2 Eckford:F-27 now looks more closely related to those in the trees we know less about, although (F-8) also has been mooted to be connected to the John and Helen (ANDERSON) tree. Inherited family documents show Thomas (b. 1784 marr. Elspeth REDPATH) as son of Robert (b. 1749, married Margaret PATTERSON), and the 1749 Robert as son of Robert (1716 - 1800), with this last Robert being the brother of John b 1714 and Patrick, all sons of the 6th generation John b. 1688.
Same references to "crest" and grave markers in Ednam, which makes it look most like this version of the John's on the Patriarchs page (but presumably with further details on Thomas' line included).
The provenance of the information does include data from Thomas' daughter, so it does contain some proven links to the past, with references also to more modern researchers.

Am I getting too much exercise jumping to conclusions?

The next set of results (37 markers) are in for (Eckford:F-27), a descendent of the Robert who married Elizabeth YOUNG, which places this line closest to that for James and Helen (GOODFELLOW) Fairbairn (sharing marker 570 = 18 with a small group of Lineage 1 "clump 2").
Assuming that the James married to Helen GOODFELLOW, is indeed the James, son of George and Janet (MURRAY) born Kelso 1788, he has a brother Robert. However that Robert is fully accounted for in census and death records, so cannot be this Robert.
Some trees believe the George who married Janet MURRAY is the son of the John who married Helen ANDERSON, which would make him brother to the schoolmaster William (married Margaret SCOTT).
Which is where I'm getting my exercise jumping to several possible conclusions.
William had a second string to his bow, as a surveyor.
This Robert of Eckford (married Elizabeth YOUNG) appears in records as an engineer/surveyor for the Duke of Hamilton.
William is not known to have had a son Robert however, and to the best of my current knowledge, nor do any of his brothers, but maybe this has just changed?
Both the supplementary pages, and the result summary pages have been updated, although for the former, the DNA Signature Chart for Lineage 1 "clump 2" has not been updated - waiting for the last panel of results for that.

The Family Tree DNA Time Predictor shows that (Eckford:F-27) and Doug (GOODFELLOW) F-6 have an 82.6% probability of a common ancestor by 8 generations, and by 12 generations it is 95% (using the setting of no known match within 3 generations).

Friday, February 5, 2010

5th: Robert of Eckford tracking modal

The next panel of results (13-25) have arrived for Eckford: F-27 and show he is still tracking along exactly on modal for Lineage 1.
It is the next panel, 26-37 that will begin to demonstrate better where this Eckford lineage belongs in the overall jigsaw.
Supplementary pages have been updated.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st: Tweaks

No, the republish of the Summary results table isn't because of new results, merely a rearrangement of the background colours for marker 520 to reflect the growing body of evidence that "clump 2" is nearer the modal for Lineage 1 than "clump 1" (Marker 391 was switched a wee while ago).

In addition, the list of web sites on the rhs of this blog has had the fledgling FAIRBAIRN One Name Study (ONS) added. (Nothing new yet, stage 1 is merely creating links to some of the known family trees, starting with the outline pedigrees on our Summary Patriarchs Page)

1st: Pedigrees added

The fledgling FAIRBAIRN One Name Study (ONS) pages have begun to be fleshed out.
Stage one is to include links under the "Identified Family Groups" tab to the families already shown on the Patriarchs page of the related DNA study.