Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25th: Most inventive indexing

My latest entry for the most inventive indexing for FAIRBAIRN - Tanbaeron (for Harry Noakes FAIRBAIRN of Canning Town, Essex in the 1891 England Census)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lineage 1 "clump 2" Subgroup grows

Another panel of results in for NJ (F-30), believed to be a descendant of the Clapham Nurserymen FAIRBAIRNs.
It places him firmly in the Lineage 1 who have 413a=25 and 446=14.
Given the other matches, I'm assuming that his CDYb=37 is an independent mutation from the others sharing this value, and he alone of all Lineage 1, has 442=11, so another assumption is that this signifies his particular line.
Another representative however could confirm this.
As it is rare for the panel of results yet to be received to be significant, NJ(F=30)'s line has now been added to the Theoretical DNA Signature chart for Lineage 1, with some corresponding tweaks to the pages for George and James FAIRBAIRN, whom I am assigning, for now, as siblings.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New member (F-35)

Our numbers are creeping up.
We have another recruit.
Believed to belong to the line of Charles FAIRBAIRN and Agnes MARK, with further details yet to be provided.
Charles was schoolmaster at Stitchill and son Charles was one of the Maxton blacksmiths.
I say "one of" as my own direct ancestor Robert RICHARDSON was a smith in Maxton, or possibly just outside the village, Whitelaw, around 1773 to 1782 at least, but an elder at the Maxton Kirk. Possibly Charles took over as the blacksmith given his dates are 1814 to 1892.
This line may work back to James FAIRBAIRN and Margaret LEARMONTH who married 1734 Kelso, with a Francis FAIRBAIRN as one of the cautioners.
Possibly even then back to Francis FAIRBAIRN and Agnes DICKIESON who married 1704 at Kelso, although James and Margaret's son Francis was 3rd in the pecking order, not first.
Anyone else out there link back to these lines and willing to join in and see if there's a match to our newest recruit?
Summary Patriarchs page will be updated in due course (done).

Saturday, May 15, 2010

15th: Clapham nurserymen, further results

Another panel of results are now in for NJ(F-30), assumed to be of the Clapham nurserymen line.
The overall result grid has been updated and shows that he belongs to the subgroup of "Clump 2" with 570=18, although as yet, we don't know whether he belongs to the sub-subgroup of that.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12th: Clapham nurseryman match

Assuming that the Robert married to Ann NOAKES is indeed the unnamed "1st son" of Robert married to Sarah WADHAM (which is highly likely although no baptism has yet been found), and therefore of the Clapham Nurserymen lineage, we now have the nurserymen lineage included in the matching FAIRBAIRNs from Lineage 1 "clump 2".
As this is only from the first panel of results, markers 1-12, any finer detail on where they may fit has yet to be seen.
A preliminary update has been made to the overall result grid on the supplementary pages.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Maxton misdoings

Wanted! pages updated to include the Tonbridge family of Robert and Grace (WATT) FAIRBAIRN, along with a page added for Robert explaining why I think he belongs to the James who subsequently married Helen GOODFELLOW (check the dates).
However, candidates for the project from this line look to be rather thin on the ground, the line appearing to have either daughtered, or died, out.