Monday, May 24, 2010

Lineage 1 "clump 2" Subgroup grows

Another panel of results in for NJ (F-30), believed to be a descendant of the Clapham Nurserymen FAIRBAIRNs.
It places him firmly in the Lineage 1 who have 413a=25 and 446=14.
Given the other matches, I'm assuming that his CDYb=37 is an independent mutation from the others sharing this value, and he alone of all Lineage 1, has 442=11, so another assumption is that this signifies his particular line.
Another representative however could confirm this.
As it is rare for the panel of results yet to be received to be significant, NJ(F=30)'s line has now been added to the Theoretical DNA Signature chart for Lineage 1, with some corresponding tweaks to the pages for George and James FAIRBAIRN, whom I am assigning, for now, as siblings.

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