Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking for...

Another pedigree has been added to the Wanted! pages, with a summary on the Patriarchs page, that of John and Christian (WOOD) FAIRBAIRN.
With a birth likely to be around 1760, and associated places of Nenthorn, Makerston etc it would seem likely that John just might be the 1760 son of John and Helen (ANDERSON) FAIRBAIRN, although John and Christian named their first son Robert, so possibly not.
Either way, a dna candidate would be most welcome. Descendants in Edinburgh and Kansas as far as can currently be determined.

Another of our outstanding kits has made it back to the lab, so we continue waiting, with the first set of outstanding results (batch 339) 12 markers expected 29 Jan.

Happy New Year folks, may 2010 continue as interesting as 2009 has been.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

26th: BO pedigree

Project Summary pages updated to include the family of John FAIRBAIRN & Magdalen BO, which family has been referenced in one of the alternate views of the pedigree of John FAIRBAIRN and Helen ANDERSON.

Only a week to go until the discount promotion runs out, be in.
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Monday, December 21, 2009

20th: Another pedigree update

With the kits for several new participants either at the lab, or about to be, time for some more updates:
The Summary World Families Network pages have had a catch up to the more detailed information available on the Supplementary project pages available on the DNA Projects Portal.
- added pedigree for Robert & Elizabeth (YOUNG) FAIRBAIRN (Robert's 1851 census shows him as born Eckford, c 1799).
- result summary updated to include the two IRWINs (and their matching ELLIOTs) who match our FAIRBAIRN Lineage 1 modal marginally better than our FAIRBAIRNs do

Monday, December 14, 2009

13th: Updated pedigrees

The Patriarchs page now includes a few more twigs in the family of John & Elizabeth (YULE) FAIRBAIRN in the hope of attracting a participant or two to represent these lines.
This activity being prompted by the receipt of a copy of a three page pedigree from the FAIRBAIRN file of the Wellington County of Ontario archives. Undated, and unsourced in the copy I was given (but subsequently identified as submitted by Nora CARLAW nee MARSTON, a now-deceased descendant of Clarissa Harlow FAIRBAIRN's), I can spot at least 7 families incorporated into this one tree.
Whereas the project is indeed showing us that many of the Scottish Borders families are indeed related, it doesn't tell us how, and many of the links shown in this document are suspect, so I felt it should be added to the Patriarchs page, linked to some hopefully useful comments on alternate data.
Treat anyone in the Supplementary pages with an "!" after their name with caution, the information presented for such people needs verification.
The tree as provided from that file begins with John 1563.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

27th participant

Another kit, F-27, is now winging its way to a representative of a new line. Details will follow later.
Yes, I'm cheating on the numbers slightly as I've reserved F-25 and F-26 for the two ELLIOTTs who match Mike IRWIN (F-24), and our Lineage 1 "clump 2" modal.

Expansion aside, both the Supplementary pages, and the Summary pages have been updated to include the outline of another FAIRBAIRN Lineage, that of Alexander and Isabella (ATCHESON) FAIRBAIRN. Representatives wanted.
(and the Fairbairn lineage intro page map now starts with a wider view of the world)

Discounts still available for kits ordered and paid for by the end of December, so if you have a FAIRBAIRN brick wall to be explored, connections to prove, be in and join the project.
(the project summary pages have links to good overviews on dna testing, but any questions not answered there, contact the admin, details in the footers of most pages)