Thursday, December 3, 2009

27th participant

Another kit, F-27, is now winging its way to a representative of a new line. Details will follow later.
Yes, I'm cheating on the numbers slightly as I've reserved F-25 and F-26 for the two ELLIOTTs who match Mike IRWIN (F-24), and our Lineage 1 "clump 2" modal.

Expansion aside, both the Supplementary pages, and the Summary pages have been updated to include the outline of another FAIRBAIRN Lineage, that of Alexander and Isabella (ATCHESON) FAIRBAIRN. Representatives wanted.
(and the Fairbairn lineage intro page map now starts with a wider view of the world)

Discounts still available for kits ordered and paid for by the end of December, so if you have a FAIRBAIRN brick wall to be explored, connections to prove, be in and join the project.
(the project summary pages have links to good overviews on dna testing, but any questions not answered there, contact the admin, details in the footers of most pages)

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