Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29th:67/67 match

Another set of DNA results arrived today, showing we have an exact 67/67 match between Geoffrey (F-39) and the descendant of the mysterious Eckford Robert (who married Elizabeth YOUNG and disappears somewhere in England after 1855).
Anyone got any handy ideas on how to link their respective trees together?
Suspect we're looking for an Andrew and Elizabeth for the parents of the Robert who married Elizabeth CROSBIE (Geoffrey's line).
The next closest match, with the same pattern of marker 570="18" and cdyb = "37", belongs to John F(35), a descendant of a Kelso/Maxton/Stitchel family.

Summary results and supplementary pages have been updated, but not the dna signature chart - still need to figure out how to connect a couple of people into that.

Monday, March 28, 2011

28th: One Name Pages revamp

The One Name Study pages have been fully replublished, but don't believe all you see in the "Recently Changed" index, most are cosmetic tidy-ups for the republish of the site.

What is new is the preliminary info on the FAIRBAIRNs in the 1841 Roxburghshire Census - looking rather like a comparison of apples and oranges between the three main sites.

That, and the inclusion of son George into the family of James the engraver, as mentioned the other day.

With the site revamp comes a new format for descendancy charts.
Check out the Identified Family Groups for these.
The charts are now more interactive, IF you have java enabled, with the ability to expand/collapse branches to better see an overall picture where people "fit".

And yes, another inventive indexing entry: Barbarin - small wonder there's such a discrepancy between the census sites in the numbers.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

26th: Yet more entries for most inventive indexing: Patriarchs update

More entries for the most inventive indexing competition:
I'd not found a Rachel FAIRBAIRN I'd been looking for, she was clearly FAIRBAIRN on FreeCen, but ancestry for some obscure reason had her as FREEBURN, a common enough substitution.
Her son Robinson however took the cake: JAEBAIRNER.
Other recent "entries":

Another outline tree has been added to the Patriarchs page, a family with Durham, and a bit of Yorkshire, thrown in for good measure, that of John FAIRBAIRN and Mary CROMBY/CROMLEY/CROMEY (married 1743 Whickham, Durham), depending on how you interpret the family bible (CROMBY or CROMLEY), and the Northumberland & Durham FHS indexes (CROMEY) on FindMyPast.

Friday, March 18, 2011

18th: The Engraver's brother

Patriarch page has had a few twigs added to the family of James the engraver.
Found his (previously unknown to me) brother George, married to a Martha BOBBIN, with family spreading around London, Fife, Australia.

Friday, March 11, 2011

another sub lineage?

Preliminary DNA results are in for Alexander (F-41) at the 37 marker level which show we now have another member of the FAIRBAIRN group sharing marker 460=11.
Although there are still results to come, one of the more important panels in the 38-67 marker range is already available, giving some indication where his best matches lie.

Alexander's ancestors, John & Elizabeth (YULE), were having children in Abbey St Bathans 1777 through 1800, with John reported to be the son of John and Lucy (EADSTER), although reports vary as to where/when John Snr was born, often being confused with the John who married Helen ANDERSON.

Alexander's closest matches, sharing 460=11, Joe (F-10) and Ron (F-19), trace back to a Robert & Elizabeth (TAYLOR) who married in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1811, with Robert's father looking highly likely to be the Robert FAIRBAIRN who died in London in 1849, aged 97 years and 11 months, which rules out the Robert son of John and Elizabeth (YULE).

Possibly John Snr and Robert Snr are siblings?

The result grid on the supplementary pages has been updated.