Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bit more light reading

Further to yesterday's updates, the Supplementary pages have also been updated.
Main changes (that I can remember):
Inclusion of a  chart for Thomas and Margaret (CLARKSON) FAIRBAIRN, along with some explanatory comments about some erroneous published info re their son Thomas.
Check out the addition to the Fairbairn Lineages intro page (My ancestor was a cousin of Sir Williams - Hit or Myth?)
As yet, nothing on the page isn't published elsewhere over the linked sites, but it is pulled together into one place, with room for expansion where a published pedigree may need further "clarification" in light of more current information.

Friday, May 29, 2009

28th: F-17 back to lab

Notification has been received that kit F-17 has made it back to the lab.
A few tweaks have therefore been applied to the pedigree of John & Jessie (JOHNSTONE) FAIRBAIRN, ie linking between the World Families results and patriarchs pages, shifting the pedigree into the "in progress" section of the both pages, and adding a few twigs of another of the descendant lines in the hope of a verifying dna signature from another son of John & Jessie.
This latter is looking rather short of candidates as most of the lines appear to have "daughtered out", and are therefore not shown, but there's a bit more digging to be done yet before that conclusion is verified.

Still waiting on the final panel of Michael (F-16)'s results, and for the upgraded results for David (F-7) from the recent promotion (but it is obviously way too soon for the latter).

The replacement for the missing in action kit F-11 has been traced, and chased.

In a few weeks, we may also have some results from a Fifeshire branch of FAIRBAIRNs, all going well, and a possible representative for the Cockburnspath line is "under discussion".

So who wants to represent the Yorkshire line?
And any of the other assorted "don't know where they fit" Scottish Borders ones?
Or any of the Argentinians?

All welcome - just follow this Join the Fairbairn Surname DNA Project Link.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Filling in the gaps

Another panel of results in for Michael (F-16).
Supplementary pages updated for the overall grid (nothing exciting, a fully predictable exact match with everyone else in Lineage 1 on markers 61 thru 67).
Still waiting for the more interesting panel, markers 26 thru 37.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14th: Upgrade promotion

Family Tree DNA have just announced an Upgrade Promotion (not for new kits).
Those eligible will be receiving an email with instructions on how to claim the discount, reputed to be on average 25%.

Note the instructions in the email you will receive (if eligible):
To order this special offer log into your personal page and click on the special offers link on the left hand navigation bar.

As an indication as to whether you are in the right place to order an upgrade, normal upgrade prices are in the vicinity of $US99 for 37 to 67 markers and $US 49 for each of 12 to 25 and 25 to 37.

(most of our results are already at 67 markers, so I suspect few of our participants will receive the email).

14th: Still a good match for F-16

A few more panels of results in for Michael (F-16) still showing exact match to "clump 1", and an excellent match to "clump 2", further justifying John and Elisabeth (MILLER) FAIRBAIRN's positioning in the overall family.
The most interesting panel, markers 26-36 have yet to arrive.

DNA Signature chart for John and Bessie (fflint) FAIRBAIRN has been updated, as have the overall results on both the DNA Projects Portal supplementary pages, and the WFN summary pages.

Friday, May 8, 2009

8th: More Lineage 1 results; marker 534 puzzle

(I'll have to think of a catchier title than the rather predictable "more results").

The remainder of Doug (F-14)'s results have been received, and included in the overall grid online.
As Doug's notes say, more thought needed as to the implications re marker 534 matching other than Martin, although I don't believe there's another Archibald son of Archibald that fits as well as where Doug has been slotted into the tree.

WorldFamilies Summary results grid also has now caught up on all known results to date.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More results; new features

Another panel of results in for Stan (F-15).
Not a very good match for the other representative of the R1b1+ haplogroup.

Also the full set of results are now in for Tom (F-13), showing one marker different to his proven by paper trail "cousin" Doug (F-6).

As the DNA Surnames Site Blog states, the dna sites have had a revamp and now include rather more of the dna result grids than before.
In addition, there are now some theoretical lineage charts where I've attempted to build trees for some of the lines/participants, given the dna evidence.
Read the Explanations tab for how to drive it and the notes and assumptions around each chart.

Both "clump 1" and "clump 2" have a theoretical dna signature chart now, so check out the DNA Results and Charts pages.

Any ideas on how better to connect up our obviously related Lineage 1 lot would be most welcome.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Isn't DNA wonderful!

One of the latest set of results just in have finally added considerable weight to something I've been trying to find proof of for years. Ever since Ed, a descendant of John FAIRBAIRN of Delaware Co, NY, contacted me way back in Jan 1999, we have been trying to prove that his John, son of a "Walter of Roxburghshire" was a previously unknown son of my 3greats, Walter and Agnes (ROBERTSON/ROBISON) FAIRBAIRN.
With the increasing acceptance and availability of dna testing it looked like we might finally be able to (dis) prove our theory - if only we could find suitable candidates.
The FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA Project was set up in Oct 2007 primarily out of this curiousity with the first candidate Martin (F-1), a descendant of Archibald (marr. to Janet SCOTT), assumed to be the brother of the above Walter, other candidates still proving elusive. It was only a few short weeks ago, a year and a half later, that a willing participant, Michael (F-16), was finally found to test the original hypothesis.
Although it is only a 12/12 match to date, it does look extremely likely that John is Walter's son, and this also adds weight to the supposition that Archibald is indeed Walter's brother (theory #2 that was waiting for proof).
In the meantime, all sorts of other FAIRBAIRNs originating from the Scottish Borders have been shown to be related, and a lot of fun had tracking down suitable dna participants.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Filling in the gaps

Another panel of results in for Doug (F-14), showing that his particular line of Archibald and Jane (BLAKEY) FAIRBAIRN have two markers differing from his "cousin" Martin (F-1). As these markers are uniquely his over all of lineage one, they have to typify this particular line.

World Families Network Results page updated - also reflecting the confirmed haplogroup for Tom (F-13).

Another kit ordered yesterday, bringing our totals to:
  • 14 having some/most of their results in,
  • 1 in progress no results yet,
  • 1 a replacement kit en route to the one that swam and didn't make it to the lab, and
  • 1 newly ordered one,
a total of 17.

More participants most welcome however as we still haven't "joined the dots" on how Lineage 1 in particular "fits" together, although all are obviously related to some greater or lesser extent.
Keep checking out the Wanted! page for assorted lineages that are particularly needed.