Saturday, May 2, 2009

Filling in the gaps

Another panel of results in for Doug (F-14), showing that his particular line of Archibald and Jane (BLAKEY) FAIRBAIRN have two markers differing from his "cousin" Martin (F-1). As these markers are uniquely his over all of lineage one, they have to typify this particular line.

World Families Network Results page updated - also reflecting the confirmed haplogroup for Tom (F-13).

Another kit ordered yesterday, bringing our totals to:
  • 14 having some/most of their results in,
  • 1 in progress no results yet,
  • 1 a replacement kit en route to the one that swam and didn't make it to the lab, and
  • 1 newly ordered one,
a total of 17.

More participants most welcome however as we still haven't "joined the dots" on how Lineage 1 in particular "fits" together, although all are obviously related to some greater or lesser extent.
Keep checking out the Wanted! page for assorted lineages that are particularly needed.

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