Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More results; new features

Another panel of results in for Stan (F-15).
Not a very good match for the other representative of the R1b1+ haplogroup.

Also the full set of results are now in for Tom (F-13), showing one marker different to his proven by paper trail "cousin" Doug (F-6).

As the DNA Surnames Site Blog states, the dna sites have had a revamp and now include rather more of the dna result grids than before.
In addition, there are now some theoretical lineage charts where I've attempted to build trees for some of the lines/participants, given the dna evidence.
Read the Explanations tab for how to drive it and the notes and assumptions around each chart.

Both "clump 1" and "clump 2" have a theoretical dna signature chart now, so check out the DNA Results and Charts pages.

Any ideas on how better to connect up our obviously related Lineage 1 lot would be most welcome.

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