Friday, May 29, 2009

28th: F-17 back to lab

Notification has been received that kit F-17 has made it back to the lab.
A few tweaks have therefore been applied to the pedigree of John & Jessie (JOHNSTONE) FAIRBAIRN, ie linking between the World Families results and patriarchs pages, shifting the pedigree into the "in progress" section of the both pages, and adding a few twigs of another of the descendant lines in the hope of a verifying dna signature from another son of John & Jessie.
This latter is looking rather short of candidates as most of the lines appear to have "daughtered out", and are therefore not shown, but there's a bit more digging to be done yet before that conclusion is verified.

Still waiting on the final panel of Michael (F-16)'s results, and for the upgraded results for David (F-7) from the recent promotion (but it is obviously way too soon for the latter).

The replacement for the missing in action kit F-11 has been traced, and chased.

In a few weeks, we may also have some results from a Fifeshire branch of FAIRBAIRNs, all going well, and a possible representative for the Cockburnspath line is "under discussion".

So who wants to represent the Yorkshire line?
And any of the other assorted "don't know where they fit" Scottish Borders ones?
Or any of the Argentinians?

All welcome - just follow this Join the Fairbairn Surname DNA Project Link.

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