Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hidden updates

Updates to existing descendent charts wont necessarily show up in the recent change index.

Recent changes there:
- the inclusion of another New Zealand branch for the family of Thomas and Elizabeth (SIMPSON) FAIRBAIRN
- a few more Australian twigs on the John & Elizabeth (YULE) FAIRBAIRN

The Fife lineage of Thomas and Ann (SMITH) FAIRBAIRN has been included with grandson John's page explaining why it looks like his death cert is inaccurate. Anyone know of any connection to Thomas and Elizabeth (SIMPSON) FAIRBAIRN above? Both are from Fife.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Lineage 1b

Preliminary results have arrived for our latest DNA candidate, and at 12 markers, we have a 12/12 match to Lineage 1b, where he was hoped/expected to "fit".

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cornish lithographer(s)

Investigations as to where George Reginald Pellew FAIRBAIRN belonged led to an updated descendency chart for the family of James the engraver as George is his grandson - by a previously unknown to exist daughter-in-law, Lucy PELLEW.
This identification does assume that there is only one James FAIRBAIRN, lithographer, around Truro in the right time period, who died between 1881 and 1891.
There are only a grand total of 9 F*R*B*N* births registered in Cornwall between 1837 and 1915, 4 as FAIRBAIRN in Truro of dates to fit James and Harriet (BEDDARD), then James and Lucy, two of whom appear in baptisms indexed on FamilySearch.
The investigation also led to the inclusion of a Cornish page in the One Name Study analysis pages .

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Robinson connection?

Two more, potentially related, lineages have been added to the One Name Study lineages section:
By dates, it is unlikely they are father (John) and son (Robert), but both seem to like Robinson as a first name.
What is the connection between them and where in Scotland did they both come from?
Rachel was in Jedburgh in 1841 and daughter Margaret moved to Newcastle.
Son Robinson moved to Australia.

Robert & Mary lived in Newcastle but Robert was born in Scotland.
Son James appears to have moved to Pembrokeshire.

Any direct male line FAIRBAIRN descendants around willing to take the plunge and join the DNA project to test where the lines may "fit" and whether or not they are related to each other?

Monday, May 21, 2012


A preliminary analysis of the FAIRBAIRN, and variants, birth registrations in Wales are now included on the One Name Study analysis pages, 1837 to 1915 only at this stage.
Not a lot in that time period, and an interesting exercise in discrepancies between Ancestry's FreeBMD index and FindMyPast's index for the period.
FreeBMD wins hands down, although most of FindMyPast's errors were mistranscriptions of FAIRBANK as FAIRBANE, the former not being included in this one name study, whilst the latter is, plus two 1915 registrations that simply could not be found on FindMyPast.
Corrections have been lodged where necessary.
Presentation of results may well change as experimentation continues on the best way to show the analyses.