Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Theory blown

Preliminary results in for Stan (F-15), descendant of Robert and Agnes (BLACK) FAIRBAIRN, show that he doesn't belong to Lineage 1 after all. Pity the theory of a descent from Robert and Agnes (LANDRETH) FAIRBAIRN of Melrose has been blown out of the water.
With a predicted haplogroup of R1b1b2 he fits rather better with Lineage 2, which I've renamed on the WFN Result pages as Haplogroup R1b1, as we are unlikely to be able to link the two representatives of this Haplogroup, without some miracles occurring.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rev Patrick and new results

The header items are unrelated, but together reflect today's updates.

A few more of Doug (F-14)'s results have arrived, with further confirmation he is in his rightful place in the FAIRBAIRN tree, and show that although both Martin (F-1) and Doug descend from Archibald and Janet (SCOTT) FAIRBAIRN, the variations have crept in.

Doug's lineage from their son Archibald has a faster mutating marker 576 value of 18, all others in Lineage 1 have 17, so this is assumed to identify this Archibald's line.
Martin's lineage from their son John has marker 641 = 10, all others in Lineage 1 have 11, so again, this is assumed to identify John's line.

And as for the Rev. Patrick FAIRBAIRN: a passing comment was made in a conversation with a descendant of James and Mary Bell (THOMSON) FAIRBAIRN, about a long time family friend of theirs, not known to be related, living in my area. Discussions ensued, hopefully with further updates to come. In the meantime, the Patriarchs page has been updated with a few more twigs on the line of John & Jessie (JOHNSTONE) FAIRBAIRN , and a very brief outline chart included on the Wanted! pages.

Friday, April 24, 2009

GD/TMRCA overall and Ralphs

Thought it was time to update the Discussion page with the current overall summaries of the Genetic Distance (GD) and Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) results. There never seems to be a time when all results are in, so some partial results are shown, Doug at 12 markers and Tom at 37, more to follow. (Only the overall tables have been updated, not those for the split of Lineage 1 into clumps 1 and 2.)

Also expanded the stub for the Patriarchs page for Ralph & Helen (CROW) FAIRBAIRN.
A participant for this lineage is required.
NB the Ralph born Coldstream 1848 may have married an Elizabeth and lived in Heaton, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland. If so, sons George and James may have descendants able to contribute to the overall picture of the Borders FAIRBAIRN families.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Lineage 1 match

Do so love it when a theory is proved correct!
The preliminary 12 marker matches have come in for Doug (F-14) a proven descendant of an Archibald (born Scotland) and Jane (born England) FAIRBAIRN via their son Robert, miller of Vegreville, Alberta.
The death cert of Walter, believed to be a brother of Robert, show his mother as nee BLAKLEY, which trail leads back to the Archibald FAIRBAIRN and Jane BLAKEY who married in Northumberland in 1841. This marriage cert. shows Archibald as the son of a gardener, another Archibald. The age of Archibald Jnr matches the baptism of the Archibald born to Archibald and Janet (SCOTT) FAIRBAIRN, forbear of Martin (F-1), and is the only Archibald son of Archibald that I know of in this timeframe.
Results page has been updated, and the supplementary pages will follow as time permits. Could take a while as this means quite a bit of reshuffling to assign Archibald into his correct slot and tidy up several duplications.

The activity on updating all the implications from this welcome match have rather halted further inclusion of the family of Ralph Archibald RICHARDSON into the Wanted! pages, and pedigree onto the Patriarchs page, although a stub does now exist on the latter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Next kit has made it to the lab

Michael (F-16)'s kit has made it to the lab, to represent the line of John & Elisabeth (MILLER) FAIRBAIRN of Delaware Co, NY, John being the son of a Walter of Roxburghshire.
This connection is one of the main reasons I initiated the project, so I personally am going to be very disappointed if this isn't a match to Lineage 1. Let's hope that no confirming representatives are needed as it has taken long enough to find a descendant willing to join the project and help us out.
Results page updated to reflect kit status change.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Further results F-13

Another panel of results in for Tom (F-13). Nothing unexpected, continues to prove a good match to his paper trail connection to Doug (F-6) on the James & Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN line.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some updates - results as expected

Two of our Lineage 1 members have had their haplogroups confirmed under FamilyTree DNA's free offer where their initial results could not predict or confirm a haplogroup.
Unsurprisingly, both were I1.

The results table has been updated to reflect the above, and to include another panel of Tom (F-13)'s results. Again, no surprises, as he does indeed match the representative sharing his paper trail. This will be our first dna signature with a fully confirmed paper trail linking two participants, Doug and Tom, descendants of James & Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN.

A replacement kit has been ordered for the one still swimming across the Pacific somewhere, and our 16th member has advised his kit is en route back to the lab.

If you are a male FAIRBAIRN interested in your family history, do consider joining the project to assist us in determining an overall picture of how the assorted lines may or may not relate.

See the Wanted! pages for lines where representatives would be particularly welcome, but any male FAIRBAIRN is welcome to join in the fun.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our confirmed paper trail

The dna signature for the line of James & Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN, is well on the way to being confirmed with the preliminary results (12 markers) in for Tom (F-13), a descendant of their son George & Electa (COWDREY) FAIRBAIRN showing a 12/12 match with Doug (F-6) a descendant of James & Helen's son Andrew.

Results chart and Tom's page updated,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More updates

A good day for updates today.
The missing panel of markers for Bill (F-12) finally arrived. Interesting how they show the cross relationships between the "clumps" I've been dividing up via marker 391 = 9 or 10.
The Hoquiam triangle consists of reported relationships between ancestors of F-3, F-12 and F-10.
Firstly F-10 showed up as belonging to "clump 2" of lineage 1, although F-3 was "clump 1".
Now F-12, the 3rd side, and more or less proven as related to F-3, if we factor in the dodgy paper trail AND the dna evidence, has shown as having two of the markers closer to F-10, particularly marker 460 which up to now, only F-10 had as "11", all the rest of lineage 1 having a 10 repeats.

Anyway, whatever it all means, the Results page, and the Discussion page, have been updated.

Another kit back to the lab

Zooming along here.
The kit for the Norfolk branch of the FAIRBAIRNs, whom I'm hoping will show a good match to Robert and Agnes (LANDRETH) FAIRBAIRN, has made it back to the lab.
Results page updated to reflect the status update.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not an April fool's joke

Or at least I hope not!
Our 16th member has just joined the project, Michael (F-16), a representative of the line of John & Elisabeth (MILLER) FAIRBAIRN who were in New York by 1840.
John was born in Roxburghshire, Scotland in 1812 and his father was a Walter of Roxburghshire. But which one?
Ed and I have been trying to prove that he is the Walter who married Agnes ROBISON/ROBERTSON (they are buried at, Morebattle), but so far the only evidence for the prosecution is that Agnes' father was a John, that there are gaps in the known children where this John could fit, easily, and as yet no known son John shows up in Scotland for Walter and Agnes.
Walter and Agnes had a disliking of the Established Church so it is definitely not unknown for unexpected children to pop out of the woodwork.
Here's hoping that science can prove we are right.
Mind you, if it doesn't, we'll have to keep testing other branches, just in case.
The Patriarchs page has been updated to shift John and Elisabeth's pedigree into the In progress section, and link Michael to the supplementary FAIRBAIRN pages at DNASurnames.