Monday, April 27, 2009

Rev Patrick and new results

The header items are unrelated, but together reflect today's updates.

A few more of Doug (F-14)'s results have arrived, with further confirmation he is in his rightful place in the FAIRBAIRN tree, and show that although both Martin (F-1) and Doug descend from Archibald and Janet (SCOTT) FAIRBAIRN, the variations have crept in.

Doug's lineage from their son Archibald has a faster mutating marker 576 value of 18, all others in Lineage 1 have 17, so this is assumed to identify this Archibald's line.
Martin's lineage from their son John has marker 641 = 10, all others in Lineage 1 have 11, so again, this is assumed to identify John's line.

And as for the Rev. Patrick FAIRBAIRN: a passing comment was made in a conversation with a descendant of James and Mary Bell (THOMSON) FAIRBAIRN, about a long time family friend of theirs, not known to be related, living in my area. Discussions ensued, hopefully with further updates to come. In the meantime, the Patriarchs page has been updated with a few more twigs on the line of John & Jessie (JOHNSTONE) FAIRBAIRN , and a very brief outline chart included on the Wanted! pages.

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