Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some updates - results as expected

Two of our Lineage 1 members have had their haplogroups confirmed under FamilyTree DNA's free offer where their initial results could not predict or confirm a haplogroup.
Unsurprisingly, both were I1.

The results table has been updated to reflect the above, and to include another panel of Tom (F-13)'s results. Again, no surprises, as he does indeed match the representative sharing his paper trail. This will be our first dna signature with a fully confirmed paper trail linking two participants, Doug and Tom, descendants of James & Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN.

A replacement kit has been ordered for the one still swimming across the Pacific somewhere, and our 16th member has advised his kit is en route back to the lab.

If you are a male FAIRBAIRN interested in your family history, do consider joining the project to assist us in determining an overall picture of how the assorted lines may or may not relate.

See the Wanted! pages for lines where representatives would be particularly welcome, but any male FAIRBAIRN is welcome to join in the fun.

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