Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lineage 1 "clump 2"

Ron (F-19)'s 37 marker results came hot on the heels of his 25 marker ones.

All pages have been updated, and some of the supplementary result, discussion and dna signature pages tweaked.

It looks like the line of Robert and Elizabeth (TAYLOR) FAIRBAIRN is typified by marker 460 = 11 (within those with 391 = 10), with Joe (F-10)'s branch of this line having a further identifier of marker CDYb=37.

At some stage in the future it would be good to get Ron's results up to 67 markers, although I expect from results to date, that they will match the modal values for 38 thru 67, ie those of (F-17)'s and Joe (F-10).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Researcher list updated

Ron (F-19) has been his approval to be given a page of his own on the Supplementary project pages, and included in the FAIRBAIRN researcher list.

The resultant updates are to link him to his forbear, Robert (marr. Elizabeth TAYLOR)'s page, and to update the Genetic Distance results for his closest cousin in the project, Joe (F-10).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"clump 2" addition

Preliminary results (12 marker) now in for Ron (F-19). As expected, he is showing up a 12/12 match to his 3rd cousin Joe (F-10).
We are hoping that the panel of markers 26 thru 37 will help shed some light on the "Hoquiam Triangle".
Supplementary pages have been updated to include Ron(F-19)'s results, including the dna signature chart for Lineage 1 "Clump 2".

One of our missing in action kits has been reported as winging its way to the lab, so another Borders FAIRBAIRN family will soon be added to the jigsaw, that of James and Isabella (CAMPBELL) FAIRBAIRN.

Monday, August 10, 2009

9th: Another patriarch added - Francis

Another line of FAIRBAIRNs has been added to the Patriarchs page on the Summary pages of the project.
That of Francis and Isabella (HENDERWICK/HENDRIWORTH/INNERWICK) FAIRBAIRN, of Kelso then Selkirk.
Family spread from Kelso to Selkirk (Broomhill and Hartwoodburn), Peebles, and to Canada (Ontario) and the States (Detroit, and California).

The supplementary pages have also been updated to include additional data on this line, including a plea for a dna participant to represent this family.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lineage 1 "clump 2"

With the final panel of results in for (F-17) the result grids, and dna signature charts on the Supplementary pages have been reviewed, and the line of John & Jessie (JOHNSTON) FAIRBAIRN included in the theoretical signature chart for "clump 2".
Please bear in mind that this is best efforts only, and any help in working out how these families may be connected would be most welcome.
The Summary pages result grid has also been updated (and a couple of typos corrected).

A number of the individual pages for participants have been updated to reflect the latest information on their Genetic Distances to each other, particularly those matching F-17.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5th: Fife update

The final panel of results for our Fife representative, F-20, have arrived.
The match to the FREEBORN has slipped from 24/25 to 33/37, so fairly distant, which isn't that surprising given one line has a patriarch born Ireland c 1790 was in Canada by the 1830/40s, and the other in Fife from around 1770.

World Families Network Summary result pages updated, both for the above, and as a catch up for yesterday's results for F-17.

Supplementary overall grid page also updated for the Fife F-20 results.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th: More matching results

The 26 thru 37 marker panel for (F-17)'s results have arrived, and show an excellent match to the Lineage 1 modal from prior results.
Looks like markers 389-2 = 30 and CDYb=39 signify the lineage of John and Jessie (JOHNSTON) FAIRBAIRN.

The Supplementary pages have been updated.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st: addenda

Supplementary pages overall DNA results grid updated to reflect an additional panel for F-17's results. Still waiting on 26 thru 37, but 38 thru 47 are now available, and match the rest of Lineage 1.

1st: Pedigree updates

The Overview Pedigree Page on the World Families Network pages has had a couple of tweaks.
  • a link has been added between a posting on the Pedigrees Forum for a researcher of the line of Robert and Isabella (WEAVER) FAIRBAIRN, and their pedigree on the Patrarchs page (represented in Haplogroup R1b1)
  • A newly found line of descent from James and Joan (FORSYTH) FAIRBAIRN has been added in the hope of finding a representative (and their Wanted! descendancy chart has been updated on the Supplementary project pages)
    Anyone know what happened to descendants of Lester (Sarah), William (Ermina), Edmund, along with the more usual James and Robert, children of William George and Margaret FAIRBAIRN living Buffalo, Erie Co, New York from about 1888?