Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st: Pedigree updates

The Overview Pedigree Page on the World Families Network pages has had a couple of tweaks.
  • a link has been added between a posting on the Pedigrees Forum for a researcher of the line of Robert and Isabella (WEAVER) FAIRBAIRN, and their pedigree on the Patrarchs page (represented in Haplogroup R1b1)
  • A newly found line of descent from James and Joan (FORSYTH) FAIRBAIRN has been added in the hope of finding a representative (and their Wanted! descendancy chart has been updated on the Supplementary project pages)
    Anyone know what happened to descendants of Lester (Sarah), William (Ermina), Edmund, along with the more usual James and Robert, children of William George and Margaret FAIRBAIRN living Buffalo, Erie Co, New York from about 1888?

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