Thursday, August 26, 2010

26th: CRUZ

The summary result pages have been updated to include a new member, surname CRUZ, with a GD4 "match" to Lineage 2 (Haplogroup R1b1), the Fife/Irish FAIRBAIRN/FREEBORN representatives.
However, as FT DNA's time predictor says the common ancestor is only 77% likely at 17 generations, and no further information is known.....

The summary result page however also now includes all of F-35's results, and shifts him up next to his exact match.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25th: Eckford/Kelso lineage match

We have a new exact 37/37 match - between Eckford(F-27) and (F-35), which is believed to show a connection between the trees of the Robert who married Elizabeth YOUNG, and James married to Christian JERDAN, although F-35's link to this lineage has yet to be confirmed.
At 37/37 FT DNA's time predictor says a common ancestor probabilities are: 83% within 4 generations, 93% within 6.
However, given the variations that can occur in the 38-67 marker panel, it would be wise to see those results, particularly as cdyb is a faster mutating marker and we have two, assumed separate, branches within "clump 2" with cdyb=37.
The James & Christian (JERDAN) tree has a number of Roberts, as do most of the trees!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

6th: Result updates

Preliminary results in for Bob (F-34) and (F-35) have been added to the overall dna result grid on the supplementary pages.
Yes, another Lineage 1 match.