Friday, January 6, 2017

Small steps...

As mentioned in the last post it would be good if the Fairbairn Project could determine when the matching Haplogroup I1 lines diverged.
Perhaps we're all ancient ELLIOTs after all?
Do remember that the ELLIOTs in the FAIRBAIRN project are a very very small subset of the overall ELLIOT project.

Three BigY tests were ordered during the recent sales, all in Lineage 1e and believed to be descended from John & Bessie (FLINT) FAIRBAIRN (who married about 1728 Melrose, Roxburghshire).

There are hints that the first is nearly completed processing as a couple of BigY match emails have been received, even though the dashboard for the kit (F-16) shows "awaiting results".

Although the Haplogroup on his dashboard hasn't yet been changed from I-M253, his Haplotree/SNPs does however now show he is positive for
> Z141 > FGC22406 > Y7277
which has at:
a branch it shows in v5.01 of their I1 tree as forming 3300 ybp, TMRCA 2200 ybp (years before present, "present" = 1950).
Intriguing that the only three countries listed against those already analyzed are TSI, Italy and Hungary - but then the most youthful listed subbranch has a TMRCA (time to most recent common ancestor) estimated at 1500 ybp (ie around 450AD) so quite a way back from 1728.

We had already assumed the Z141 level from the prior SNP testing of our I1 group guinea-pig (F-17) who had tested positive for Z141 - so that branch was assumed to apply to all in the group.
He was also negative for two of the then known downstream sub groups of: F2642 and Z2535.
At which time specific SNP testing had ended.
No SNP packs or BigY were available at that time - how fast things change in this world.

Hopefully with this, and the remaining two results, once all analyzed at YFull, may create a more recent FAIRBAIRN sub branch.

For any of those in the I1 matching groups of the FAIRBAIRN project, be they FAIRBAIRNs, ELLIOTs or FARRIS or ... , FTDNA do offer both an I1-Z140 SNP pack which would quickly position any of the matching I1 group on the tree under I1-Z140 without the expense of the BigY test, but also without the contribution to science BigY gives.

This SNP pack includes the above FGC22406 sub branch, along with four successive branches.
and individual SNP tests for around this area.

So the more adventurous of you may wish to gamble by simply checking if you too are FGC22406 by ordering an individual SNP.

If you are considering doing BigY in the future - wait, save your pennies and do just that, both of the above would be superfluous.

If you do wish to explore this area of DNA testing please check with either your I1 Haplogroup project or the Fairbairn project administrator before ordering to make sure you are getting an appropriate test for your individual situation.

Monday, November 21, 2016

When did lines diverge?

With the current FamilyTreeDNA sale, the opportunity has been taken to kick start more of an investigation into when assorted lines diverged:

  • The Elliots and the Fairbairns who so closely match at yDNA STR testing (the 37/67/111 marker tests)
  • Lineage 1e from the others in haplogroup I1

    just for starters (yes I'm biased, my FAIRBAIRN branch is Lineage 1e).

    The test used here is BigY (currently $50 off on sale with further $$ off vouchers arriving weekly that may apply - I've heard some were for $100 off, the most I've found were $75).
    It is only available if the male concerned has already tested his yDNA, so isn't visible on the normal product page ( No re-scrape necessary if sufficient DNA remains in storage.

    This test runs hand in hand with SNP testing, and has an advantage over any SNP packs that FTDNA advertise in that for the latter you are playing catch up all the time as the tree advances, and have to keep re-testing to see if you match the newfound branch.
    For BigY you are helping science as well as your curiousity by leading that charge down the tree to the present day.  As new branches are found, your results are automatically updated, at least on who do further analysis of the results for a one-off fee.

    From prior individual SNP testing before BigY became available we know that the guinea pig tester for the FAIRBAIRNs, and by implication the group, had made it down to I-Z141 - which is equivalent to the I-Z140 one of the ELLIOT kits has tested for - - formed 4,300 years before present (present = 1950).
    We must be able to do better than that.
    One group down from the I-Z140 link above has a Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor of 50 years, yes that's 50 !

    As for all DNA testing, it cannot be done in isolation, it needs comparisons.
    Any takers from the ELLIOTs?
    From other groupings in the I1 lineages?
    We do need at least one other BigY test within the group to compare against to get full value from this.

    A new set of vouchers will be arriving soon, so if interested, check out the FAIRBAIRN project activity feed to see if any are available.

    As an example of what can happen, take a look at the Runciman project diary where we were trying to determine how long ago the four matching lines diverged. Question not yet answered, as they were still on the same branch estimated at around 550 ybp. We have hopes that another test will revise that further.


    Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    Fairbairn atDNA comparisons

    The Fairbairn atDNA page has been updated to include more analysis of how much detectable dna has survived between assorted lines.
    At this stage it only includes descendants of John & Bessie (FLINT) FAIRBAIRN, but other lines can be included.
    Perhaps you've hit some particularly interesting comparisons across lines only known to be distantly yDNA connected via the FAIRBAIRN line?
    As it says on the page, all it takes for that to happen is to let me know the GEDMatch ids of the kits concerned.
    Or better still:
    - run the (free) Multiple Kit Analysis and the 3D chromosome browser tools GEDMatch provides for the kit numbers concerned,
    - save each result as a complete web page and
    - send me either a link to the pages on eg Dropbox, or the zipped up pages.
    You may care to also provide your own labels for the kits listed, rather than use the kit names.

    The grid of total shared cMs below is now attached to John FAIRBAIRN's page on WikiTree as well.

    Triangulations of the segments involved is not yet complete to check, if possible, that they are indeed Fairbairn/Flint DNA.

    Sunday, July 5, 2015

    Fairbairn/Elliot/Irwin conundrum

    Has anyone advanced their research on finding where the little cluster of ELLIOT and IRWIN close DNA matches to the haplogroup I FAIRBAIRNs comes from?
    Some of the known information is documented/linked to on the supplementary project pages,
    where there's a page about the ELLIOT(T) matches.
    As  each DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA now has the capability for a message group for that project, why not check it out and add your theories/thoughts/research to the thread on this conundrum there.
    Pool your knowledge, never know what you'll learn.
    You have to be logged in to your kit to post/view the activity feed.

    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    atDNA comes up trumps

    Another set of FamilyFinder results in from the family of Robert FAIRBAIRN in Richmond Ontario  by about 1829 (married Kate SCOTT who is reputed to have died at sea en route to Canada abt 1828).
    And yes, more matches between the families of Archibald and Alison (CROSSER) FAIRBAIRN, and with the prior test participant, and also to the more distant 7th cousins, descendants of Robert & Agnes (LANDRETH) FAIRBAIRN.
    We look to have proven the theory of where Robert belongs - a previously unknown son of Archibald and Alison.

    The DNA Lineage pages have all been refreshed, and in particular the Fairbairn FamilyFinder page as been updated to include an updated chromosome map of segments of dna shared by descendants of John and Bessie (FLINT) FAIRBAIRN who married in Melrose, Roxburghshire around 1726.

    Click to enlarge

    There's an intriguing side effect to our increased number of FamilyFinder tests.
    We now have matches between descendants of Archibald and Alison (CROSSER) FAIRBAIRN and descendants of Robert and Elizabeth (CROSBIE) FAIRBAIRN.
    yDNA indicates that although these families are indeed connected, their common ancestor was well  back into the 1600s, which makes it seem unlikely that the link is their respective FAIRBAIRNs.
    More work needed.

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    2015 - sale - FFinder "find"

    If you want a great kickstart to the year, I have some remaining coupon codes for further $$ off the current sale prices for anyone interested.
    The coupons range from $5 or $10 off any test (which could be used to transfer ancestry tests to FTDNA and unlock all your matches) through $5 or $10 off FamilyFinder , Y-DNA 37/67/111, mtDNAFull Sequence to  $100 off BigY.
    Sale and coupons expire midnight 31st December Houston time. 

    It would be a great time for anyone with FAIRBAIRN ancestry to consider FamilyFinder tests, a very useful tool in our genealogy toolkit.
    The more tests we have, the more data, and the easier it gets to divide your matches into specific lines and pinpoint the common ancestors.

    FamilyFinder has turned up trumps for me and looks to have given us hope to finally prove a theory about the family of Archibald & Alison (CROSSER) FAIRBAIRN, namely that the Robert FAIRBAIRN living in Canada by about 1827/8 and living in Richmond, Ontario 1850s is indeed their son.
    We never have managed to find/convince a direct male line FAIRBAIRN to test Y-DNA to prove this, but live in hope.
    But we do now have a triangulated match on chromosome 5 between myself (Lorna), GD (F-29) a descendant of David son of Archibald and Alison, and a descendant of Robert's granddaughter Mary Catherine KELLAR nee FAIRBAIRN via his son William.

    Looking good to start the new year.

    As 2014 draws to a close, I wish you all a great 2015, with many thanks to all of our FAIRBAIRN project participants who have helped with some fascinating discoveries since the project began.

    The original question that led to the creation of the project was helped immensely with our very first kit and match - the ancestry of Archibald FAIRBAIRN (married Alison CROSSER).

    My second question, also specific to my family, was to prove John FAIRBAIRN in New York by 1840, father known to be a Walter, was the son of my Walter.
    That took some time to prove, but was eventually proven both by Y-DNA matches and shortly thereafter with a missing piece of the papertrail.

    The more generic question was the inter-relatedness of the Scottish Borders FAIRBAIRNs in particular, but FAIRBAIRNs in general.
    That has led to some surprises, thanks to all of those contributing their Y-DNA.
    Several paper trails turned out to need revision, but in the main, the bulk of those tested, do indeed relate to each other, belonging to haplogroup I1, with the earliest tree, and modal value for that haplogroup being the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRN ancestral lines.

    Perhaps in 2015 we could add a few more lines from further afield into the project - Yorkshire FAIRBURN in particular.

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    Check out the sale prices

    Becoming curious about your origins?
    Check out the FamilyTreeDNA Discounts going until 31st December.

    Before jumping in and ordering a Y-DNA test, do however check to see whether or not your FAIRBAIRN line is already represented by a direct line male as there is little point in close relatives (say 1st to 3rd) both testing y_DNA.
    Distant cousins, yes as that adds confirmation to the derived dna "signature" for the patriarch of the line.

    However, ALL people are encouraged to test FamilyFinder to add to their and our knowledge of their overall genetic makeup.

    I have several coupon codes available for further discounts off the sale prices should anyone be interested.

    Direct male line FAIRBAIRNs from the families listed on our Wanted! page are particularly welcome.