Monday, July 17, 2017

Are we Fairbairn or Elliott?

Donations are currently being called for to add to our knowledge of when the matching set of Fairbairn and Elliott results diverged on the yDNA tree of mankind - somewhere down from I-Z140 which branch formed about 4,100 years before present (ybp - present being 1950)

We now know that a sub group of the I1 haplogroup matching Fairbairns (lineage 1e) form their own little sub branch at I-Y32666, Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) estimated to be about 225 ybp
and that at least one of the group of matches between all the Fairbairn and Elliotts has confirmed as I-Y7277 - MRCA 3,100 ybp

Donations for the BigY test are most welcome.
We have a willing participant from the Elliotts once the money is raised -  $525 US is called for.
If sufficient is raised we can extend that to either, or both, she says optimistically, of another ELLIOTT or the FAIRBAIRN waiting in the wings who also likely fits somewhere between I-Z140 and I-Y32666.

We anticipate awaiting another BigY sale before ordering, so please contribute to the General Fund for the Fairbairn/Fairburn project at
marking in the note any specific focus for your donation if desired.

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