Friday, November 20, 2009

New member - with a twist

We have our first non FAIRBAIRN with a good 67 marker match to Lineage 1 (clump 2).
Welcome to Mike (IRWIN) F-24 who is closer to the modal than any of our FAIRBAIRNs!
His closest match in the FAIRBAIRNs is Joe (F-10).
He is also an exact match (at 67 markers) to an ELLIOTT, so our horizons are broadening.
For comparative purposes, the two matching ELLIOTT results from Y-search have been included in the overall results grid on the supplementary pages, but as one doesn't answer his email and the other has an anti-spam challenge on his we are unlikely to find out more unless they contact the project.

19th: The project is growing

Participant F-23 has just ordered a kit. More details later once results are in.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

7th: Welcome to participant #22

With Family Tree DNA's holiday promotion until the end of December, it's a good time to dive in and join the project.
Welcome to Michael F-22 who has done so in the hope of teasing out a few more clues as to his ancestor Robert's forbears.
Son Robert was born c 1818 possibly at Whitton near Morebattle and his death cert shows his parents to be Robert and Isabella (SIMPSON) FAIRBAIRN (so Michael will show up as Michael(SIMPSON) F-22 once his results are in, in order to distinguish him from the other Michael in the project.
Supplementary pages have been updated to include a pedigree for Robert and Isabella, as have the WFN summary pages.
The WFN result pages have also been updated to reflect both the full set of results for F-11, and the incipient Fife/Irish/Canadian Lineage 2 in haplogroup R1b1.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3rd: Another match - clump 2 results

Final results are now in for (F-11) so he's been given a page of his own on the supplementary pages to explain the matches more fully (and why they are apparently so distant).
He has also now been included on the Theoretical signature chart for Lineage 1 "clump 2", placed over with his nearest match, the line of James and Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN.
His earliest known ancestor, James (marr. Isabella CAMPBELL), has also been given a page of his own with some introductory notes.
Happy reading.

Anyone else out there wanting to see where they might fit into these trees would be most welcome to Join the Project.