Monday, February 13, 2012


Most of the trees published here are those not well represented online, or included in the dna study, so up to now the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRNs have not been included.
However, given that it is a one name study, that there are a lot of descendants all over the world, and a lot of people are researching them, a brief tree of the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRNs has now been included - from George and Christian (BOOKLESS/BUICKLESS/BEUGLASS) FAIRBAIRN. As the disclaimer at the top of each chart says, the tree is by no means complete, merely containing those I've come across in my research and needed to "fit" someone into a tree, or eliminate as a duplicate of someone else etc.

This line still needs a direct male line FAIRBAIRN to represent it in the FAIRBAIRN DNA study.
Which of the other FAIRBAIRN lines do you think they'll most closely connect to?

If you are researching this line and wish to be shown as such on the researchers page, do use the contact email at the foot of each page and let me know.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Summary DNA result page has been republished to catch up with the more detailed DNA results which confirmed a dna signature for the line of John A FAIRBAIRN  & Sarah DAUGHTERTY (see David F-46's DNA page)

The Patriarchs page likewise has had a few links changed to reflect the shift of lineage data from the DNA pages to the One Name Study (ONS) pages, and a few Edinburgh twigs included for the line of John & Alison (MOFFAT) FAIRBAIRN, which twigs are also included in their ONS  lineage 1b4b descendant chart, that of Robert & Elizabeth (CROSBIE) FAIRBAIRN. John & Alison's son John was found working as a mason in Edinburgh (born Smailholm).