Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smailholm FAIRBAIRNs

Another outline pedigree has been added to the Patriarchs page, that of John and Elspeth (ANDERSON) of Girnick, Smailholm.
With son James being commemorated at Earlston on a headstone near that of John and Agnes (GIBSON), and shown as not born Roxburghshire in 1841, there has to be some connection between these families.

With the discount promotion running out on the 31st of the month (see here for details), now would be an great time for a descendant of this line to pop out of the woodwork, particularly given our recent excellent matches within lineage 1f. (One line, at least, emigrated to Australia, and were in Queensland).

Stub added to the One Name Study pages, and a link included in the Wanted! pages.

28th: DNA pages updated

Several updates have been made to the DNA pages to incorporate the latest results, alter some of the older analyses and comments in light of more recent information, and, in the case of the dna signature charts, to remove any "corrections" previously given to some of the patriarchs where descendants were unique over Lineage 1 in having a particular value.
With more in the project now, these corrections are no longer necessary, and the method of maximum parsimony can be left to do its fully theoretical thing with our results.

In addition the recent changes index being used behind the scenes for checking has now been included as a public link - primarily because I keep forgetting to add comments here on what may have changed.

What has NOT yet happened is the inclusion of Robert(F-34)'s line in the Lineage 1 clump 2 dna signature chart.

The family, as opposed to dna, information is gradually being shifted to the One Name Study pages, with links generally inserted between the two on the appropriate people, eg John married to Agnes GIBSON.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

23rd: Another 66/67 match

Thank you John (F-35) for upgrading to the full 67 markers.
As a result we now know there's a 66/67 match between F-35 and F-27 to aid the jigsaw, with F-35's lineage being an early Kelso line, with possible documented links in the records to that of their next closest FAIRBAIRN match, David(TROTTER) F-7.
Summary Result chart has been updated, and the patriarchs page has been tweaked to move David(TROTTER) F-7's line closer to the above Lineage 1i.

Still working on the DNA signature chart updates to show how the families may connect.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21st: James, shipowner

Outline pedigree added to Patriarchs page for James FAIRBAIRN, ship owner of South Shields, (marr. Ann NEWBIGIN), together with a matching slightly fuller pedigree on the One Name Study pages.

From a DNA perspective it doesn't look hopeful that a candidate may be found to check where, or if, this line matches any of the existing lines to get it back beyond the 1790s, but not all lines have been traced to present day.

The journey to this family began with a mis-indexed marriage entry in Quebec found a couple of years ago for a William FAIRBAIRN apparently marrying an Elizabeth LEEDS, with William not immediately obviously connected to any of the other early FAIRBAIRNs in the province.
Recently I came across further information on the family in an ancestry tree, and the Woodcock researcher involved, Julian Tyson-Woodcock, kindly shared his research into Elizabeth and her family.
Elizabeth was actually Elizabeth Leeds WOODCOCK, and William turned out to be a mariner from South Shields who returned to London, dying there in 1850.

Monday, December 20, 2010

20th: More inventive indexing

More instances of inventive census indexing which made families rather hard to find initially: Tairbaine, Sanbarin, Fourbaion, and Faertairn

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Key lineage

Check out the updated Patriarchs page for the beginnings of the updates to all the pages as a result of both the latest set of matching results, and several months research.
The main change on the above page is to the FAIRBAIRN/BO lineage, which now incorporates the matches between John(F-17) and Stewart(F-38) showing how they look likely to join up at John and Magdalen (BO) FAIRBAIRN of Lidgatehead, Earlston.
Heaven help me if we do ever get a representative for the line of John and Helen (ANDERSON) FAIRBAIRN, and he is also an exact match, as John and Magdalen's John is now spoken for (several trees show this John as brother to James, father of the John who married Jessie JOHNSTON).

PS For a bit of light hearted fun, most pages now include a "like on facebook" link in the footer. so if you are on Facebook, click the link to get an entry on your home page/profile or wherever it ends up.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

John Fairbairn - educator

Fixed the broken link on the Notables page that was meant to lead to John FAIRBAIRN of Sth Africa and included additional information on his lineage to place him in the context of his Scottish Borders ancestry: parents James and Agnes (BRACK), grandparents Alexander and Betty (NEWTON), of Bruntaburn (Earlston) and Carrolside (Legerwood).

Also added a FAIRBAIRN related, search engine to the One Name Study (ONS) pages.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A few more twigs included on the Patriarchs page for the outline pedigree for Ralph and Helen (CROW) FAIRBAIRN, one of the lines still on the Wanted! list for the dna project.
Looks like there may be family still around in the North East of England, some of the family having moved around between: England; Hutton, Whitsome, Edrom and Coldstream (BEW); Sprouston (ROX) and two sons likely to have emigrated to Ontario.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

5th: 40th kit

We've had our 40th kit ordered today (the 39th was a couple of days ago), so the jigsaw is either about to start contracting with pieces slotting into place, or expanding with other unknown lines that match.
FYI the sale prices are:

Price for NEW KITS: Regular Price (Promotional Price)
YDNA37 $149 ($119)
YDNA67 $239 ($199)
mtDNAPlus $159 ($129)
Family Finder $289 ($249)
Price for UPGRADE:
Family Finder $289 ($229)

Orders must be in and paid for by Dec. 31, 2010, to receive this offer.

Any questions, just ask.
Otherwise simply follow the order test link to make sure any order is included in the project at the discount prices.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

4th: New twigs

Given the dna sale at the moment, it seemed time to include another pedigree on the Patriarchs page.
A brief stub has been added for the family of James & Margaret (HOG) FAIRBAIRN of Whinkerstones, Fogo, and their assumed children Andrew and Mary in Ontario.
It may, or may not, be significant that in 1841, James was not the only FAIRBAIRN with a smithing type job recorded as being in Fogo Muir.
Also found was Thomas, engine fitter, who was the son of Charles & Agnes (MARK) FAIRBAIRN of Stitchel. Thomas appears in later censuses with his nephew John in the household. John being the son of cabinet maker Robert & Elspeth (LEDGERWOOD) FAIRBAIRN - so that patriarch summary has also had a couple of tweaks.
Should a representative for the line of the Ontario Andrew be found, he should match our F-35, a descendant of Charles, if this speculation is accurate.
Any takers while the discounts still apply?
Follow the order test link to make sure any order is included in the project at the discount prices.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thick and fast

Well those last result panels came in thick and fast.
Stewart(F-38)'s Y-DNA67 marker results are now in, albeit without a predicted haplogroup as yet, although we can beat FamilyTreeDNA's lab to that one - I1.
He has an exact match with Robert (F-34), the line only GD 1 to the modal for Lineage 1 overall, and that on a faster mutating marker to boot.
Only one marker different is John (F-17), and they constitute a growing little sub group with CDYb = 39 instead of the modal 38.
Summary and supplementary result pages have been updated (F-38 now re-positioned to group matches), and the Patriarchs page rearranged to group these lineages together, ie Stewart(F-38)'s James and Isabel (TAIT), Robert(F-34)'s Alexander and Isabella (ATCHESON) and John(F-17)'s John and Jessie (JOHNSTON).

The related One Name Study pages for this line are gradually being added - some links may be broken between all of the above sections - checking is still underway.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2nd: Still on modal; Discounts; new member

Another couple of panels of results are in for Stewart (F-38), showing he is still exactly on modal for lineage 1 "clump 2".
Summary result page has now also been updated (along with the supplementary pages overall result grid) to show results to date;

and to put a placeholder in for our newest participant (F-39), a descendant of Robert and Elizabeth (CROSBIE) who married in 1790 in Smailholm, Roxburghshire.

Those interested in participating but holding back because of the cost, should check out the sale prices being offered by FamilyTree DNA if ordered via the project.
We would welcome representatives of new lines, and for any lines with an as yet unconfirmed dna signature.

So if you have a FAIRBAIRN brick wall to be explored, connections to prove, be in and join the project.
(the project summary pages have links to good overviews on dna testing, but any questions not answered there, contact the admin, details in the footers of most pages)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st: Still on modal

Another panel of Stewart's (F-38) results are in, still tracking to Lineage 1 modal, ie "clump 2".
Stewart's page, and the overall result grid on the supplementary pages have been updated.