Friday, December 3, 2010

Thick and fast

Well those last result panels came in thick and fast.
Stewart(F-38)'s Y-DNA67 marker results are now in, albeit without a predicted haplogroup as yet, although we can beat FamilyTreeDNA's lab to that one - I1.
He has an exact match with Robert (F-34), the line only GD 1 to the modal for Lineage 1 overall, and that on a faster mutating marker to boot.
Only one marker different is John (F-17), and they constitute a growing little sub group with CDYb = 39 instead of the modal 38.
Summary and supplementary result pages have been updated (F-38 now re-positioned to group matches), and the Patriarchs page rearranged to group these lineages together, ie Stewart(F-38)'s James and Isabel (TAIT), Robert(F-34)'s Alexander and Isabella (ATCHESON) and John(F-17)'s John and Jessie (JOHNSTON).

The related One Name Study pages for this line are gradually being added - some links may be broken between all of the above sections - checking is still underway.

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