Saturday, December 4, 2010

4th: New twigs

Given the dna sale at the moment, it seemed time to include another pedigree on the Patriarchs page.
A brief stub has been added for the family of James & Margaret (HOG) FAIRBAIRN of Whinkerstones, Fogo, and their assumed children Andrew and Mary in Ontario.
It may, or may not, be significant that in 1841, James was not the only FAIRBAIRN with a smithing type job recorded as being in Fogo Muir.
Also found was Thomas, engine fitter, who was the son of Charles & Agnes (MARK) FAIRBAIRN of Stitchel. Thomas appears in later censuses with his nephew John in the household. John being the son of cabinet maker Robert & Elspeth (LEDGERWOOD) FAIRBAIRN - so that patriarch summary has also had a couple of tweaks.
Should a representative for the line of the Ontario Andrew be found, he should match our F-35, a descendant of Charles, if this speculation is accurate.
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