Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28th: DNA pages updated

Several updates have been made to the DNA pages to incorporate the latest results, alter some of the older analyses and comments in light of more recent information, and, in the case of the dna signature charts, to remove any "corrections" previously given to some of the patriarchs where descendants were unique over Lineage 1 in having a particular value.
With more in the project now, these corrections are no longer necessary, and the method of maximum parsimony can be left to do its fully theoretical thing with our results.

In addition the recent changes index being used behind the scenes for checking has now been included as a public link - primarily because I keep forgetting to add comments here on what may have changed.

What has NOT yet happened is the inclusion of Robert(F-34)'s line in the Lineage 1 clump 2 dna signature chart.

The family, as opposed to dna, information is gradually being shifted to the One Name Study pages, with links generally inserted between the two on the appropriate people, eg John married to Agnes GIBSON.

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