Saturday, July 13, 2013

Match notifications

Looks like the results are starting to roll in from the Family Tree DNA upgrade sale a while ago.
One of our newer members upgraded from Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA67 and is now 25/25 with the Lineage 1 modal, ie all of Lineage I Haplogroup I1, and 24/25 with lineage 1e.
The next panel of results should enable us to get more of an idea on where to place his family of Thames watermen while we await his full results.

One of the FARRIS matches has now joined the FAIRBAIRN project and he looks to be more closely aligned to Lineage 1e as he shares slower marker 520 = 21with them.

Overall DNA grid on the supplementary pages has been updated to reflect the above.

Only 12 more days left for the summer sale if you know of any direct male line FAIRBAIRNs interested in exploring  their family connections.
Pricing details on the DNA Surnames project diary.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A number of you will have received DNA Match email notifications today.
Looks like a FARRIS family from Virginia are starting to show up as excellent match with two representatives so far.

The two closest matches seem to be 65/67, but oddly enough they are to  the lineage 1e member whose markers differ most, and to the modal over all the Lineage 1 matches.

Only one of the kits has any family information attached, earliest ancestor a William FARRIS, 1760-1833 Virginia.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fairbairn Family Trees?

Want to help document the FAIRBAIRN (or similar surnamed) families?

Do you have a family tree online anywhere?

Would you consider doing so?

Yes, the summary DNA project pages, and the One Name Study lineage pages do have many of the pedigrees for the surnames, but these are but a fraction of the FAIRBAIRNs in existence.

Perhaps you could consider starting your own and letting us know the link to it?

Don't know where to start?
Try WikiTree.
It is completely free, pledges to remain so, has great privacy and trusted list controls so that only those you want to see your data can, and only those you trust to update it can.

Even better, it is a collaborative one world tree so that any one person should only exist there once, and if a duplicate is found, may be merged so that those interested can then collaborating on documenting their shared ancestor(s).

Even better still, it has recently implemented some rather useful DNA features whereby those who care to share that they have had their DNA tested for genealogy can mark this against their profile (aka person page) using the list of tests available. 
Overnight all the people impacted by this, as documented here, get a link added to their profile suggesting they may be able to validate their family tree or find more family information, by contacting the test taker.
Works best, of course, if you conscientiously check for, and merge, any duplicated people found, and work on them together with the other interested researcher.

Of particular interest is the power of connected trees to enable those of us interested in FamilyFinder (an autosomal dna test) to try and determine where such a link may be.

This has nothing to do with actual DNA results, which continue to be published in the DNA project pages, as will trees on the One Name Study, this is simply a great extension to the project.

Why not experiment by entering yourself and your direct paternal and maternal lines and see what you find?
 Want to help out by contributing your tree but don't know how? Contact the project admin using the details in the footer of any of the project pages

Still journeying to the present

Those following the FAIRBAIRN DNA journey down from ancestral Adam (last post) to now, as opposed to back from the present, may be interested to know that the next step along the way has been completed.

Our selected representative for these tests, John (F-17) has had his SNP result returned as Z141+ which still has a few further options available in the march toward the present from the 3-4000 Years Before Present (YBP) this appears to be.

See the branching for this tree on both the ISOGG Haplogroup I1 tree, or for this portion of the tree, the more up to date files for the I1 Haplogroup project on Kenneth Nordtvedt's web pages - select "Tree for I1 Z60+".

We are embarking on this aspect of DNA testing to see if we can gain any further insights as to when the assorted matching branches we know we have actually diverged from a common ancestor.
But have a long way to go yet, both in selective testing, and in science finding more branches on the tree.