Saturday, July 13, 2013

Match notifications

Looks like the results are starting to roll in from the Family Tree DNA upgrade sale a while ago.
One of our newer members upgraded from Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA67 and is now 25/25 with the Lineage 1 modal, ie all of Lineage I Haplogroup I1, and 24/25 with lineage 1e.
The next panel of results should enable us to get more of an idea on where to place his family of Thames watermen while we await his full results.

One of the FARRIS matches has now joined the FAIRBAIRN project and he looks to be more closely aligned to Lineage 1e as he shares slower marker 520 = 21with them.

Overall DNA grid on the supplementary pages has been updated to reflect the above.

Only 12 more days left for the summer sale if you know of any direct male line FAIRBAIRNs interested in exploring  their family connections.
Pricing details on the DNA Surnames project diary.

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