Saturday, July 6, 2013

Still journeying to the present

Those following the FAIRBAIRN DNA journey down from ancestral Adam (last post) to now, as opposed to back from the present, may be interested to know that the next step along the way has been completed.

Our selected representative for these tests, John (F-17) has had his SNP result returned as Z141+ which still has a few further options available in the march toward the present from the 3-4000 Years Before Present (YBP) this appears to be.

See the branching for this tree on both the ISOGG Haplogroup I1 tree, or for this portion of the tree, the more up to date files for the I1 Haplogroup project on Kenneth Nordtvedt's web pages - select "Tree for I1 Z60+".

We are embarking on this aspect of DNA testing to see if we can gain any further insights as to when the assorted matching branches we know we have actually diverged from a common ancestor.
But have a long way to go yet, both in selective testing, and in science finding more branches on the tree.

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