Thursday, April 2, 2009

More updates

A good day for updates today.
The missing panel of markers for Bill (F-12) finally arrived. Interesting how they show the cross relationships between the "clumps" I've been dividing up via marker 391 = 9 or 10.
The Hoquiam triangle consists of reported relationships between ancestors of F-3, F-12 and F-10.
Firstly F-10 showed up as belonging to "clump 2" of lineage 1, although F-3 was "clump 1".
Now F-12, the 3rd side, and more or less proven as related to F-3, if we factor in the dodgy paper trail AND the dna evidence, has shown as having two of the markers closer to F-10, particularly marker 460 which up to now, only F-10 had as "11", all the rest of lineage 1 having a 10 repeats.

Anyway, whatever it all means, the Results page, and the Discussion page, have been updated.

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