Monday, March 28, 2011

28th: One Name Pages revamp

The One Name Study pages have been fully replublished, but don't believe all you see in the "Recently Changed" index, most are cosmetic tidy-ups for the republish of the site.

What is new is the preliminary info on the FAIRBAIRNs in the 1841 Roxburghshire Census - looking rather like a comparison of apples and oranges between the three main sites.

That, and the inclusion of son George into the family of James the engraver, as mentioned the other day.

With the site revamp comes a new format for descendancy charts.
Check out the Identified Family Groups for these.
The charts are now more interactive, IF you have java enabled, with the ability to expand/collapse branches to better see an overall picture where people "fit".

And yes, another inventive indexing entry: Barbarin - small wonder there's such a discrepancy between the census sites in the numbers.

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