Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29th:67/67 match

Another set of DNA results arrived today, showing we have an exact 67/67 match between Geoffrey (F-39) and the descendant of the mysterious Eckford Robert (who married Elizabeth YOUNG and disappears somewhere in England after 1855).
Anyone got any handy ideas on how to link their respective trees together?
Suspect we're looking for an Andrew and Elizabeth for the parents of the Robert who married Elizabeth CROSBIE (Geoffrey's line).
The next closest match, with the same pattern of marker 570="18" and cdyb = "37", belongs to John F(35), a descendant of a Kelso/Maxton/Stitchel family.

Summary results and supplementary pages have been updated, but not the dna signature chart - still need to figure out how to connect a couple of people into that.

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