Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Addenda - even more results in.

So much for that theory (see jumping to conclusions posted earlier today).
No sooner were all the results to hand thought about, and conclusions updated, than the most interesting panel of the remaining markers was also available.
Of those in the small subsection of clump 2 Eckford:F-27 now looks more closely related to those in the trees we know less about, although (F-8) also has been mooted to be connected to the John and Helen (ANDERSON) tree. Inherited family documents show Thomas (b. 1784 marr. Elspeth REDPATH) as son of Robert (b. 1749, married Margaret PATTERSON), and the 1749 Robert as son of Robert (1716 - 1800), with this last Robert being the brother of John b 1714 and Patrick, all sons of the 6th generation John b. 1688.
Same references to "crest" and grave markers in Ednam, which makes it look most like this version of the John's on the Patriarchs page (but presumably with further details on Thomas' line included).
The provenance of the information does include data from Thomas' daughter, so it does contain some proven links to the past, with references also to more modern researchers.

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