Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11th kit, and assorted pedigree updates

Welcome to James, our 11th participant.
I've been fossicking around trying to see if I might manage to link up the 1a, 1b, 1c lineages.
Jury still out on that, but as a result I have included more information on likely progenitors for a couple of these lineages, and added comments about same to the relevant pages, in particular:
George and Janet (Murray) Fairbairn
James and Elspeth (Trotter) Fairbairn and possible son
Thomas (possibly marr. Isobel Smith)
(and as a result, my knowledge of some of the earlier Fairbairn families has grown considerably).

Also, as per my personal web pages, John A (marr. Sarah Daughterty and Charity Smithson) Fairbairn has now been officially placed as son of David & Jane (WILLIAMSON) - but the plea for representative of this line to join the dna project still stands as my identification goes against two of his official certificates, (marriage and death).

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