Thursday, December 18, 2008

67 marker results in for Goodfellow line

Results table has been updated to show the latest set of markers in - for Doug (F-6) of the line of James FAIRBAIRN and Helen GOODFELLOW.
Closest match is now with F-8 the descendant of the Rideau Canal Thomas (marr. Elspeth REDPATH), at a Genetic Distance (GD) 7 by the official FT dna reports, although bear in mind their response to my puzzlement over this, which said take some off that for those markers in the faster mutating range.

As to how close their Most Recent Common Ancestor is? This TMRCA web site may help explain (although it only goes up to 37 markers).
By reading this I finally realised that it isn't just the fact that marker x differs, but by how many steps on that marker, the values differ.

Remember however that mutations can creep in at ANY generation. I have 2nd cousins who show up at GD 1, and they share a great grandfather.

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