Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alternate John F/Helen Anderson pedigree

Included an alternate view of the John Fairbairn/Helen Anderson pedigree on the Patriarchs page.
Author and date of this version is unknown. (I have only ever received a copy of the first two pages).
A scan of the title page of this version is included on the DNA Projects Portal page for John Fairbairn in case someone can come up with the answer to who produced it and when.
Perhaps we should run a competition as to how many people have a copy and the furthest back they can date its appearance in their family?

Would also still love to hear from anyone with a copy of the earlier transcriptions of the Ednam stones which must have existed at some stage. Thought the Hawick Archaelogical Society Transactions might be a starter, but Ednam doesn't appear in their online index.

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