Wednesday, January 21, 2009

John FAIRBAIRN 1563, & the blacksmiths

A Fairbairn researcher (thank you John) has kindly looked up the file indexed in the Scottish Genealogy Society Family Tree Index.
It looked like it just might be the oft quoted, but also somewhat incorrect, FAIRBAIRN pedigree quoting stones in Ednam etc.
And so it turned out.
The tree was deposited in 1976 by Ethel Fairbairn, a descendant of John Fairbairn and Elizabeth Yule.
DNA Surnames page for the 1563 John has been updated, as has his associated descendant chart. This latter shows the FAIRBAIRN tree as documented on the first page of this pedigree, the former contains links to information that corrects some of the linkages shown.

As part of the clarification of the trees shown, DNA Surnamces now also includes a page for the earliest of the Ednam Blacksmiths, Edward FAIRBAIRN, and his descendant chart, which includes the family of Dr John FAIRBAIRN, of Mayo Clinic fame.

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