Friday, January 16, 2009

Thomas & Eppy (WOOD); Clan FAIRBAIRN or ARMSTRONG?

Thomas FAIRBAIRN marr. Elspeth (Eppy) WOOD stub added to show researcher information, and highlight that a recruit is needed for this line (or two).
A link to their dna oriented descendants chart (yet to be provided) is also now included on the Wanted! page.

Should anyone wish to see if there is any substance to the legend on how the Clan ARMSTRONG got it's name (from a FAIRBAIRN helping a king), check out the ARMSTRONG project.
No need for you all to rush and join as a member of our Lineage 1 has joined, and as most of the rest of the participants in our FAIRBAIRN project belong to Lineage 1, we are represented there.
Any connection looks rather remote.

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