Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spot on the modal

The final results are in for Bill (F-53) our representative for the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRNs, which lineage is now awarded the prize for being closest to the modal over all of our Haplogroup I1  FAIRBAIRNs (who all match to some extent) - you can't get closer than spot on!
Up to know everyone had at least one marker different, several only on faster mutating markers.

This has prompted a review, and therefore a renumbering, of the I1 haplogroup lineages, which renumbering is incomplete insofar as the One Name Study pages haven't yet been updated to reflect this.

DNA Surnames  has been reloaded with the above update, but does not as yet include a review of the signature charts, and does include a re-ordering of the overall marker grid to reflect the groupings based on slower mutating markers.

This update includes a few more of the older results being reviewed against their current genetic distance results, given that Family Tree DNA revised their matching methods, and the opportunity has been taken to trim the genetic distance matches back to just the more relevant/closer ones.

A few more broken links have been repaired - not doubt more to come.

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