Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lineage renumbering - plus

As mentioned on Spot on the Modal, the lineages are undergoing a renumbering.

The reload of the One Name Study Lineages section today includes several of these but is probably incomplete, and highly likely to be still inconsistent with the Patriarchs page and the DNA Surnames  supplementary pages which both still need to catch up, particularly the DNA Signature charts.
Despite this reshuffle, several missing links have been corrected.

Included in the update mentioned above:
  • the tree of Thomas and Ann (LAWSON) FAIRBAIRN of Fife had at least one new twig on one of the lines in New Zealand
  • Alexander, the forefather of a line of FAIRBAIRNs in South Carolina since a least 1748, has been included, no descendant chart as yet
  • see recent changes index for other changes, although some are there purely for background data changes, not published here.

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