Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Canadian twigs

The trees of
have both had a few Canadian twigs added to their lineage charts, primarily as the twigs concerned emigrated to Quebec on the same ship (Scotian) in 1911 and curiousity meant any connection was investigated (none spotted as yet).

Mary and her family (Mary, John Richardson, Hilda Lauriss) were heading for Edmonton, Alberta
Adam & Catherine (WILKINSON) FAIRBAIRN were heading for Toronto.

There was also a 22 yr old joiner Robert on board, of an age to be Adam's brother, but going to Edmonton, which Robert in that family is slightly older.

Neither tree has any representatives in the FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA project, so any direct male line FAIRBAIRN from either, or any other unrepresented line for that matter, would be most welcome to help tease out who relates to whom.

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  1. How do I connect? I've got the info. on Adam and Catherine Fairbairn. These are the Great Grandparent to my husband. I've created and logged the line through Ancestry.com

    called; Komhyr & Miller Families