Sunday, April 8, 2012

Francis, Andrew and James

The One Name Study pages have been uploaded to include research from 2009 (this GenForum post refers) re Andrew FAIRBAIRN in Ontario, married to Eliza Ann HAGERMAN.

The activity was prompted by the realisation that another researcher (John) needed to be transferred from the older DNA Surnames researcher list to the now current list on the One Name Study pages, which now also include John's ancestors Francis & Isabella (HENDERWICK) FAIRBAIRN, a family often shown as Andrew's parents but without any supporting evidence.

Would be good to get a direct male line FAIRBAIRN from Andrew's line to represent it in the FAIRBAIRN DNA project, and one from the line of the Ednam blacksmiths line that very circumstantial evidence may link to the Fogo smith believed to be Andrew's father - James, married to Margaret HOG. And/or any evidence placing Andrew with his correct family.

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