Friday, April 20, 2012

2 day dna discount sale

If any of you are at all  interested in exploring which group of FAIRBAIRNs you most closely relate to, you may be interested to see that Family Tree DNA, the company we use for the FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA project, is having a 2day sale (finishes midnight Sat Apr 21st (?Houston time?).

If you do decide to join, and a sale is an excellent time to do so, make sure that you follow the order link from the project to automatically be enrolled in the FAIRBAIRN proejct.
Privacy can be guaranteed, all those named on the project pages have agreed to be so shown.
is the order link, but make sure you are getting the prices shown below

Check out the One Name Study Wanted! pages
for those lines particularly wanted to see who fits where, and the summary DNA project pages to see if your line is already represented
Joining the project already makes you eligible for a project discount, but the prices have been discounted further:
To be of relevance for the FAIRBAIRN project the person testing has to be a direct male line FAIRBAIRN, sorry about the discrimination, but anyone descended via the female line doesn't have the Y-dna passed down the chain from father to son.
          Current Group price/SALE PRICE
Y-DNA 37     $149 /    $129
Y-DNA 67     $238 /    $199
are of most interest to the project but the following may be of personal interest.

Family Finder     $289 /    $199
FF+ Y-DNA 37     $438 /    $328
FF + mtDNAPlus     $438 /    $328
Comprehensive (FF + FMS + Y-DNA 67)     $797 /    $657

Y-DNA 12-37 Marker     $99/  $69
Y-DNA 37-67 Marker     $99/     $79
Y-DNA 12-67 Marker     $199/     $148
Family Finder add-on     $289 /    $199

Any questions, just ask, this is a very good opportunity to expand our knowledge of how the FAIRBAIRN families may, or may not relate.
Lorna Henderson

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