Friday, April 8, 2011

8th: New Y-DNA111 test announced

Family Tree DNA have announced a new Y-DNA111 test, which adds, as you can tell, a further 44 markers to their Y-DNA67 test.
As such it will be of particular interest to those with close/exact matches at the Y-DNA67 level.
Read about it here, remembering that discounts apply to tests ordered via the project.
To order, log into your personal page with Family Tree DNA
select Order Tests and Upgrades
then under Order Standard Tests, select Go to Standard Orders
From which latter, select the Y-DNA111 upgrade for the project discounted price.

Obviously, the benefit of comparisons of the extra markers will take some time to build up.

Of our tests, it would appear that the following may benefit more than most from this upgrade (from our result summary page):
From Lineage 1 "clump 1": Earl (F-2) and G Roy (F-3); Doug (F-14) and Michael (F-16)
From "clump 2": John (F-17), Robert F (F-34), Stewart (F-38), ie those nearest the modal; and the Eckford (F-27) and Geoffrey (F-39), our latest 67/67 match, which includes the line of the mysterious Robert of Eckford.

Should anyone wish to help fund these upgrades for the additional information we will gain, please contribute here, making sure that the FAIRBURN project has been selected.

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