Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19th: Some people make it hard for us

Nearly gave up on finding James and Christian (SCOTT) FAIRBAIRN in the 1841 census.
Eventually found in Kelso on FreeCen by searching for the children, but ancestry was a different matter.
Didn't help that they were recorded as GAVIBAIN and GOURBAIN (in the same household), with James enumerated as 30, when he was actually 42, and Christian as 27, instead of the 30 her actual age of 34 should have shown her as, and Alison/Alice was Eleson 4 instead of 7; Elizabeth 8 instead of 11, John 6 instead of 8.
This is the family of John & Alice or Alison (AINSLIE) FAIRBAIRN, one of the two John FAIRBAIRNs of an age in Swinton (BEW)

So today's inventive indexing entries are the above GAVIBAIN and GOURBAIN, with an unrelated FAIOBAM.

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