Saturday, April 16, 2011

16th: Must be the Fife accent?

A strong contender for the weirdest transcription error of FAIRBAIRN may just have been found:
The family was resisting being found in 1841 (on ancestry - they are in plain view as FAIRBAIRN on FreeCen), apart from son Thomas, who was with his grandparents Shepherd & Isabella ROBERTSON. A firstname search took a couple of scans to figure out the SEAWBRASE family was likely to be worthy of a further look.
Anyone researching the family of Alexander & Anne (ROBERTSON) FAIRBAIRN?
Married 1808 Anstruther Wester, Fife, Scotland.

Another recent inventive indexing find was FIUBRUN.

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  1. Hi
    My wife is a descendent of the Clapham line. In or about 1933 Kate nee Fairbairn and her brother independently said their family came from Kelso after the 45 uprising. They had/lived on an estate that was 25 miles around. I also found this on curious fox. James fairbairn was the Estate Factor for Baron CLERK and the Schoolmaster in the 1720/1745 period. He married Marion Craig in about 1704. Both James and his son James are my ancestors. A son John fairbairn through a second marriage was a well known bookbinder and bookseller in Edinburgh.(he died in Edinburgh in 1810). No details on James fairbairn senior found but he must have been well educated to hold those positions with Baron Clerk. Richard