Sunday, November 9, 2008

8th: 3 new results, 2 matches

Result pages updated with several recent sets of results:
a) 2 preliminary 12 marker sets representing the lines of James and Helen (GOODFELLOW) FAIRBAIRN and of Trotter and Jean (FAIRBAIRN) FAIRBAIRN.
These two lines have a 12/12 match with each other, and 11/12 match with all 3 Lineage I representatives. However, at only 12 markers and no records available to show how the lines connect, I'm waiting until the next set of markers come in.
Trotter is a brick wall for David, although I found it interesting that they married at Ladykirk, which is where David, son of Archibald and Alison CROSSER, had one of his daughters baptised.
James married Helen GOODFELLOW at Maxton in 1813, and rather looks like he is the son of George FAIRBAIRN and Janet MURRAY, but they inconsiderately emigrated to Canada before appearing in a Scottish census.

b) Full 67 marker results in for the representative of the line of Robert & Janet (HOGARTH) FAIRBAIRN. No match within project, but several matches with MONTGOMERY families. To be investigated further.

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